[News] It Takes Money to Make Money

Yes, it takes money to make money and it takes money to develop an infrastructure that supports a thriving nonprofit or other business. Let’s stop apologizing for investing in that infrastructure and let’s start celebrating the good that will come from that investment. Things like: being able to scale your programs so you can serve more people; raising more money so you can expand your programs; engaging in more evaluation so you know which programs are having the most impact… Let’s invest in those things that will help us build more effective programs, more sustainable organizations and stronger communities.

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What You Need To Know
                                            About Charitable
                                            Solicitation ComplianceWhat You Need To Know About Charitable Solicitation Compliance @CauseVox

Every successful nonprofit leader knows the importance of fundraising, and how retaining a network of donors is critical to sustaining program revenue. What nonprofit executives often overlook is charitable solicitation compliance. Complying with state solicitation requirements allows your charity to fundraise legally, to avoid penalties with the state, and to demonstrate your nonprofit’s credibility to potential donors…

Understanding the Real
                                            Cost of Nonprofit
                                            Work | John E. KobaraUnderstanding the Real Cost of Nonprofit Work | John E. Kobara @HuffPostLA

Lower overhead does not always equal efficiency, either. In fact, quality and efficiency have a price tag. Doing operations and administrative tasks well has real costs.

Fundraising Planning

50 Fascinating
                                            Philanthropy Stats |
                                            npENGAGE50 Fascinating Philanthropy Stats | npENGAGE @blackbaud

One of the first steps to pulling together a fundraising plan is knowing your environment. Blackbaud has launched the new 50 Fascinating Philanthropy Statistics website, a compilation of the most up-to-date statistics from around the nonprofit sector that will be helpful in providing you the information you need.

Donor Advised Funds: 8
                                            Things Fundraisers Should
                                            KnowDonor Advised Funds: 8 Things Fundraisers Should Know @bloomerangTech

The giving vehicle being used more and more often by major gift donors all across America is the donor advised fund, or DAF for short. Unfortunately, this new tool for giving is not well known or understood by many fundraisers. This is especially true for smaller nonprofits, which run a risk of missing out on this vital source of funds for their mission!


3 KPIs to Track For
                                            Your Social Media Success3 KPIs to Track For Your Social Media Success @ducttape

You might be posting a video here or there to YouTube or some photos to Instagram. And you could be regularly posting to Facebook and Twitter, but if you’re not measuring how those social networks are working for you, and you’re not testing different approaches to maximize your results, you could be wasting valuable time.

But where do you start? There are so many metrics you could be measuring on social media, so let’s cull down the list and make sure that the most important ones are at least being eyeballed.

Conducting a Social
                                            Media AuditConducting a Social Media Audit @HarvardBiz

With such a panoply of channels out there, how can social media marketers keep track of what people are saying? And what strategies can be implemented to engage those consumers to influence the conversation? That’s where a careful social media audit can help. It’s a systematic examination of social data to help marketers discover, categorize, and evaluate all the social talk about a brand. This approach captures what consumers are saying about a brand, what competitors are doing on social media, and what the brand itself is doing.

Fundraising Tactics

AgitatorKiss 8 Of 10 Good-Bye @AgitatorEditors

Looking at 2014 data from over 8,000 respondent groups, the Fundraising Effectiveness Project reports that on average nonprofits retain only two out of ten first time donors. That’s not a misprint: the retention rate for first time donors is a scant 19%. Below you’ll find an infographic from Bloomerang illustrating this and related retention stats.

So eight of ten first time donors simply kiss you off. Was it your breath? What was the reason? Failure to nurture commitment…

How to Recruit a VIP
                                            Volunteer Who Will Close
                                            Major Gifts and Make Their
                                            Own Gift Too - Fired-Up
                                            Fundraising with Gail PerryHow to Recruit a VIP Volunteer Who Will Close Major Gifts and Make Their Own Gift Too – Fired-Up Fundraising with Gail Perry @GailPerryNC

VIP Volunteers are essential ingredients to many major gifts efforts and capital campaigns. We need these individuals for their networks and connections – and access to large donors that we can’t reach. But they are difficult to enlist! Here is a plan and a format that will almost guarantee their participation…

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