[News] Is your funding stream sustainable?

We talk so much about sustainability that we often forget to clarify what we’re talking about. For some, sustainability is just about money. But it could also be about leadership transitions and building programs that are really making an impact.

For today’s purpose though, I am referring to sustainability as it refers to charitable giving. If you’re going to build a solid charitable giving program than there are two primary things you need to look at: (1) find donors and (2) keep them. Easier said than done, but the articles included below should help.

Scroll down and you’ll see a full list of articles and posts to help stay up-to-date on trends and topics facing the nonprofit world.

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Nonprofit 411: Tips for Nonprofit Directors | Massachusetts Nonprofit NetworkNonprofit 411: Tips for Nonprofit Directors | Massachusetts Nonprofit Network @MA_NonprofitNet

Too often, new members sit at board meetings without a good understanding of the organization and the board’s role in its governance. Training board members about their roles and responsibilities can make your board into a stronger body and can help ensure that your organization meets its legal requirements.

Regardless of the nature of an organization, there are some responsibilities that are common to all boards of directors. These include the following…

Microsoft Philanthropies Offers $1B In Cloud Services - The NonProfit TimesThe NonProfit TimesMicrosoft Philanthropies Offers $1B In Cloud Services @NonProfitTimes

Microsoft Philanthropies has committed to donating $1 billion in Microsoft Cloud Services to nonprofits and universities during the next three years. The commitment is part of a three-stage initiative by the software giant to use its cloud computing tools for the public good. “We’re committed to helping nonprofit groups and universities use cloud computing to…

Fundraising Planning

3 Takeaways From FEPs 2015 Donor Retention Supplement | Bloomerang3 Takeaways From FEPs 2015 Donor Retention Supplement @bloomerangTech

The Fundraising Effectiveness Project just released its 2015 Donor Retention Supplement. The complete report outlines in layman’s terms just what insights the data is revealing. Here are three takeaways from the report:

1) The Immense Value of Retention
2) The Vast Difference in New Donor Retention VS Repeat Donor Retention
3) 25% of NPO’s Reported Achieve a Retention Rate of 54.4% or Higher

Relationship Fundraising - Pursuant : PursuantRelationship Fundraising @Pursuant
Seeking sustainable fundraising? Think relationships…

This 4 part report will answer many questions today’s nonprofit professionals are facing…
What truly inspires a donor to give?
How do we appropriately connect with that motivation?
How do we engage donors in a way that not only inspires them to give today, but become a lifetime supporter of our organization?


Why Your Nonprofit’s Online Marketing FailsWhy Your Nonprofit’s Online Marketing Fails @wiredimpact
Here are 6 reasons, plus how to fix them:

You’re Not Publishing Engaging Content
Your Website is Very Difficult to Navigate
You Push People to Donate Who Aren’t Ready to Give
You’re Not Telling the Community What You Do
You’re Spending Money on Website Features That Don’t Matter
You’re Not Dedicating the Necessary Time and Money to Marketing

Easy 5-Step Nonprofit Content Marketing to Drive Actions - and Fundraising ResultsEasy 5-Step Nonprofit Content Marketing to Drive Actions – and Fundraising Results @MSocialBusiness

In the quest for perfection, sometimes a focus on craft (wordsmithing, visuals, design) comes at the expense of assuring the content delivers its’ required punch.

In the rush to get things checked off the list, sometimes the purpose gets buried under the work-plan — layers of ‘to-do’s’ such as who’s going to write, design, photo shoot and promote the content, and when.

One of the reasons I continually implore nonprofits to formally integrate their fundraising and marketing functions is because, otherwise, something inevitably gets lost in the translation.

Fundraising Tactics

Donor Acquisition Series 3 - NEEDED: A Better Plan - AgitatorDonor Acquisition Series 3 – NEEDED: A Better Plan – Agitator @AgitatorEditors

Take the time to understand the potential Life Time Value of different types of new donors (‘high value’ and ‘lower value’). Then tailor your thank you, welcome, second gift and other onboarding plans to make the most out of those differences.

How to Email Really Busy People: 10 Tips for Standing Out in Their InboxHow to Email Really Busy People: 10 Tips for Standing Out in Their Inbox @HubSpot

Every once in a while, you need to reach out to someone you don’t know. So how do you stand out through the inbox clutter and make a meaningful connection. Here are 10 great tips – many of which I’ve been using to successfully connect with guest speakers for my podcast.

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