[News] Is Your Board Normal?

In my experience, being ‘normal’ isn’t always a good thing. Normal hardly ever refers to organizations that are transforming communities, pushing things forward and getting things done. Often they’re the ones labelled (at the time) as upstarts and trouble makers. It’s the history that is written that counts though.

In the case of board structure, involvement and direction, normal is often a good thing. The article below outlines the results of the 2014 BoardSource Governance Index.

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Here are a few articles and posts to help stay up-to-date on trends and topics facing the nonprofit world. I’ll admit, my favorite is the study showing organizations that stay up-to-date on fundraising research see better fundraising results!

Happy fundraising!


Speak to your donors with annual report - big duckSpeak to your donors with annual report – big duckWhat do you include in your annual report? It’s important to know what your donors need from you when reporting back about how their money has been spent in the past year. But it also helps to share about the future… How to Use Psychological Biases to Sell Better and Faster - hubspot.comHow to Use Psychological Biases to Sell Better and Faster – hubspot.comLike it or not, biases are part of us. So those in the business of persuasion (yes that includes nonprofits) can benefit from learning how to spot and play to them. This article outlines 10 psychological biases that relate to decision-making. Not only can these help you understand why you make the choices you do, each also has a sales takeaway…



How to Get Your Current Donors to Give You 40% More - Gail Perry
How to Get Your Current Donors to Give You 40% More – Gail PerryYour current donors are where the real money is. We all know that it is far easier to raise MORE from your current donors than it is to bust your *#! to bring in new donors. In fact, research studies show that it takes-7-12% more effort, time and money to bring in a new donor than it does to raise more from a current donor. So this is a no-brainer, right?
Mobile Myths, Stats and Insights [INFOGRAPHIC] - re: charityMobile Myths, Stats and Insights [INFOGRAPHIC] – re: charity2/3 of Facebook and email activity (usually two of the largest drivers of online traffic and donations) happens on mobile phones now. But does this mobile activity actually lead to key actions for charities? Real-world data from over 300 nonprofits tells us 1 out of 6 donors from email and 1 out of 5 event registrants are from mobile. Not insignificant…



7 Big No-No's for Monthly Giving Programs - Erika Waasdorp
7 Big No-No’s for Monthly Giving Programs – Erika WaasdorpRecently, the author of this blog has been talking to a lot of clients about their programs and helping them become more successful. What she found was that those organizations that were struggling to grow their program, undoubtedly were doing one or more of the following 7 no-no’s. The good news is that these are really pretty easy to fix…
Personal Face-to-Face Solicitation, Part 2 - Nonprofit QuarterlyPersonal Face-to-Face Solicitation, Part 2 – Nonprofit QuarterlyIt’s way past time to seize the opportunity for personal face-to-face solicitation. First, this is not rapid prototyping – it is a coordinated back-and-forth process to accomplish learning > change > understanding > ownership. (And participation by some board members and potentially others.) There’s no need for rapidity; in fact, in this situation I’ve seen a rapid approach implode later…


Nonprofit 411: Using Form 990 to Improve Non-Profit Board Governance – Massachusetts Nonprofit NetworkThe changes made by the IRS to Form 990 approximately six years ago focus attention on the role of the non-profit organization’s board. These changes required organizations to provide details about board governance, practices and policies (Part VI). The answers can indicate whether an organization is well managed and can help directors analyze whether they need to make changes to their organization and its business model…

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