[News] Is the nonprofit sector making an impact?

Every once in a while I see headlines that cause a shiver to run up my spine, most particularly the ones that imply we should just throw everything out and start over again (see below for the article about Mark Zuckerberg’s new LLC). That’s not to say that there aren’t several areas we could improve in – we would certainly benefit from ways to consistently see a greater impact from the work we do. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. Instead let’s come together and figure things out – together.

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What You Need To Know About Charitable Solicitation Compliance @CauseVox

Every successful nonprofit leader knows the importance of fundraising, and how retaining a network of donors is critical to sustaining program revenue. What nonprofit executives often overlook is charitable solicitation compliance.

Complying with state solicitation requirements allows your charity to fundraise legally, to avoid penalties with the state, and to demonstrate your nonprofit’s credibility to potential donors. Simply having a federal tax exemption under 501(c)(3) is not enough; most states require registration before you can solicit funds in that state.

How Zuckerberg’s LLC Could Be More Effective Than Charity @HuffPostImpact

This headline is indicative of a growing sense that current nonprofit organizations aren’t really very effective at making sizable, systemic change. Regardless of whether this sentiment is true or not, it’s something we should be concerned about.

Unlike the Gates Foundation, which is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is a limited-liability company (LLC)…

Fundraising Planning

3 Scientific Studies That Can Help Your Fundraising – re: charity @bradyjosephson

Scientific studies on giving and what they mean for your cause.

1. Avoiding Overhead Aversion In Charity

2. Model of the Value of Giving to Others Compared to the value of Having More for Oneself

3. Social Influences In Giving

7 Ways to Make Your Donors Feel Great Today – Ignited Fundraising @LJacobwith

You have an opportunity, every time someone clicks on that donate button and sends you a gift, or they take time to write out a check and send you their gift through the mail.

The opportunity is to make them FEEL GREAT for the action they just took. Unfortunately, donor acknowledgment doesn’t get much discussion or time at many organizations. The letters get printed and signed and shipped out but no one makes sure they are doing their real job.


Is Email Useful All Year Round? [Infographic] – Direct Marketing News @dmnews

What goes inside of marketers’ emails matters—but when they’re sent is important, too. Inbound marketing platform provider HubSpot analyzed more than 20 million emails sent over a 10-month period to help marketers pencil in important dates for next year. Based on its analysis featured in the company’s 2015 email report, here are the best and worst times to send email to drive engagement.

Supercharge Your Year-End Nonprofit Emails with Foolproof Subject Lines ♡ – Clairification @CharityClairity

Still stuck for subject lines for your year-end emails? Your subject line is like your outer envelope for direct mail. A window into your message. Make sure it’s open enough to give a glimpse of something intriguing… urgent… exciting… emotional… shocking… funny… useful… anything compelling to grabs folks’ attention. The more specific and to the point, the better…

Fundraising Tactics

Holiday stewardship can be as easy as baking cookies | Donor Dreams Blog @eanderson847

Looking for an interesting way to thank your donors? This organization has seen great results by baking and delivering cookies every year. That’s a yummy way to say thanks!

The key to growing corporate relationships? Matching gifts! | Donor Dreams Blog @eanderson847

Matching gifts are a great way for your nonprofit to receive twice as many donations from donors and their employers.  Did you know that matching gifts can also help your nonprofit create and cultivate relationships with corporations?

Nearly every company is looking to expand and improve its culture of corporate social responsibility. Your nonprofit can help them achieve their goals while you simultaneously promote matching gifts to your donors!

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