[News] Institutional or Networked or Both?

Do we really need to chose between being an institutional organization versus a looser, more flexible network? In this week’s article from Stanford Social Innovation Review we learn that it is possible to have both.

Here are this week’s nonprofit blogs of note. Happy reading!

Nonprofit News Roundup


canstockphoto7867487Leadership lessons for the digital workplace | ZDNet

There is a great line from Nelson Mandela, “Lead from the back and make other people feel that they’re leading from the front.” It’s almost like you are leading from the back of the room and people aren’t even looking, but they hear your voice, they know that your kind of there, you’re helping drive them, you’re their coach. But they, in turn, are driving, helping the organization understand their greatest power is them and you’re the facilitator of that.

How Senior Executives Find Time to Be Creative | Harvard Business Review

The number-one attribute CEOs look for in their incoming workforce (according to an IBM survey of more than 1,500 CEOs across 33 industries and 60 countries) is not discipline, integrity, intelligence, or emotional intelligence. It’s creativity… If you want to be more creative yourself, or to foster more creativity on your team, the data and expert advice is clear, and putting it into practice may not be as time-consuming as it first appears. Step out of your comfort zone, give yourself room to think, learn about things beyond your niche, and identify useful constraints — all in the course of a normal workday.


canstockphoto17662095 (1)Living in the World of Both/And | Stanford Social Innovation Review

Conventional wisdom argues that leading in a centralized, or organizational, way will result in more money, more brand recognition, and greater results. But these and other cases prove that untrue. Rather, organizations that embrace a network approach—and vice versa, networks that embrace some elements of organizations—can actually create greater value all around. By growing the entire pie, they often end up with a larger slice.

The Future of the Nonprofit Sector | Social Velocity

…fundamental shifts happening in the sector that will be important to watch. They include: Increasing competition in the space; A greater demand for results and social change; An increased use of advocacy to achieve that change; A move to more “networked” approaches; Less “starving” nonprofits of their operational needs; And (of course) a move from fundraising to financing…


FP12 Not-So-Great Realities About Nonprofits and Social Media | NPTech for Good

For more than a decade the blogosphere has touted the power and promise of social media (this blog included), but there is also a downside to using social media for your nonprofit. Granted, the positives do outweigh the negatives, but it is important to step back occasionally and take a critical look at how social media is impacting nonprofit technology at your organization as well as your digital staff. Beyond the power and promise, nonprofit technology needs to produce results that can be quantified and that’s becoming harder to do in respect to social media.

28 Insanely Innovative Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits | NeonCRM

Without fundraising, your organization wouldn’t be able to stay up and running, further your causes, or help those that you serve. In other words, fundraising is absolutely crucial to your success. Almost all nonprofit efforts tie into fundraising in some way. But with the introduction of increasingly advanced technology, fundraising is constantly changing. Many organizations aren’t sure how to navigate this ever-evolving landscape…

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