[News] How to Knock Off the Ice Bucket Challenge

Last week was the week of the Ice Bucket Challenge! My guess is that just about every single development director wishes that it could have been their organization that came up with the idea. But coming up with the idea is only part of the challenge. Making it go viral is the real challenge, and unfortunately what works this time may (or may not) work next time.

Here are some of the headlines from last week. Hope you enjoy them!

Awareness / Communications

  • What Can You Do to Raise Awareness for Your Nonprofit?   Do you get frustrated that people in your community just don’t ‘get it?’ Here’s something I’ve learned: People won’t give if they don’t know that there’s a need. And they won’t know that there’s a need unless we tell them (in a way that they understand). So here’s the question…
  • Maximizing the Deliverability of Your Non-Profit’s Mass Email We’ve seen more and more non-profits and campaigns reporting trouble getting their mass emails delivered to inboxes with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and the other major ISPs. This is a universal problem, due to the way that email service… @HuffPost


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