[News] How to Create Capacity Builders on Your Board

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Awareness / Communications

  • 33 Nonprofit Blog Post Ideas to Educate Your Readers Your blog plays a vital role in informing visitors of the latest and greatest with your nonprofit and your cause. Giving your readers relevant news updates, sharing the history of your cause and nonprofit, and providing resources for those interested in knowing more are all foolproof ways to further educate blog visitors on the importance of your cause and your work. @wiredimpact
  • 10 Ways to BOOST Your Social Media Traffic Social media can be an incredible source of traffic. And best of all, it is traffic that you can count on, day after day. However, it also requires lots of constant hard work and usually it can take some time before you can actually see the results. @MSocialBusiness

Fundraising Planning

Fundraising Tactics

  • 12 Data-Backed Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate on Twitter [Infographic] By now, most marketers know that Twitter isn’t just a great medium for creating and reinforcing your brand image — it’s also a tool for reaching fans of your business who can become leads (and, ultimately, sales). But simply knowing that Twitter can make you money isn’t enough. @HubSpot
  • 7 Segments for Your Best Year-End Fundraising Appeal Ever! Yes, it’s that time of year again! As much as 80% of your fundraising revenue is at stake based upon the success of your annual year-end appeal and other year-end giving. Even with this overriding fear, there exists the courageous minority of nonprofit organizations who rise up and try new methods and processes. @bloomerangtech


  • How to Create Capacity Builders on Your Board Something really interesting happened the other day to an executive director I know. A couple of board members approached her to ask what she needed to continue to move forward. They wanted her to be blunt about the obstacles in her way. @nedgington
  • Fiduciary responsibility? Questions every nonprofit board should ask What financial questions your board should ask? For years I’ve been looking for a practical, easy to understand book on nonprofit finances to recommend to nonprofit boards and to use in the graduate class I teach at Brown University. Well, thank you to Andy Robinson and Nancy Wasserman for writing The Board Member’s Easier Than You Think Guide to Nonprofit Finances. @gaylegifford
  • Charity leaders do not appreciate fundraising, Sweden’s Maria Ros Jernberg tells conference | Third Sector“The leadership is never appreciative and does not listen to the internal fundraising competence,” said Jernberg. “We see a pattern that there is something fundamentally wrong with the internal culture of many organisations.” @ThirdSector

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