[News] How are you celebrating?

owl-with-balloonsOften in my training sessions I talk about the importance of taking time to celebrate successes. So often, we in the nonprofit world tend to continually push forward and often forget to celebrate how far we’ve come. Yesterday in one such training I got a question back on that: ‘What should we celebrate? Could you give me some ideas?’

This is where planning comes in. If you have a plan outlined, you can include some target goals for different times through the year. Let’s say you need to raise $800,000 each year. For ease of math I’ll assume that you’re raising the same amount of money each quarter (in reality you’ll most likely see some significant fluctuations each year). So at the end of each quarter, when you reach your goals, you’d have a time set aside to give each other high fives, maybe turn on some music and have a mini-party.

Let’s say you’re holding a fundraising event. Build in different interim goals so you’ll have things to celebrate along the way. This include reaching a certain numbers in relation to items for your silent auction, sponsors, ticket sales, etc.

Make it fun, take time to have mini-parties and you’ll increase the likelihood of having volunteers (and staff members) stay around longer (and perhaps even be a little less stressed).

What will you celebrate today?

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Hope you enjoy this week’s nonprofit news and headlines!

Awareness / Communications

  • Stats Shouldn’t Stand Alone: Why You Need Data Visualization to Teach and Convince What makes a good story? Strong characters, some suspense, a bit of humor, and a clear outcome. Telling stories in business is no different; the same elements engage and compel us — with one exception. The rational decision-making required in the business world needs an objective foundation. That’s where data comes to your aid. @hubspot
  • Email Drives 27 Percent of Black Friday’s Online Sales People consumed more than just turkey this Thanksgiving weekend. They also gobbled up a cornucopia of sales. According to new data from Custora, Black Friday online sales increased 20.6% compared to last year’s retail holiday. It looks like email served up a healthy portion of these sales, too. @dmnews

Fundraising Tactics

  • MAKE ME A MATCH: 48 Ways to Ask for a Matching Gift in an Email Fundraising Appeal Stuck trying to find new ways to describe your matching gift campaign? Never fear! Use these matching gift phrases in all the right places. @kivilm
  • How Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose Sold 639 Memberships in 96 Hours Guest Post from Debbie McKenzie, Development Manager for Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. These days it seems everyone is looking for the daily deal. Groupon and LivingSocial deals work well for admissions and drive people in the door, but we have found that they do little to convert the visitor into a member. @Blackbaud
  • Fundraising Myths And Dark Legends One of my all-time favorite fundraising copywriters is Tom Gaffny. For nearly 30 years he ran the creative shop at Epsilon and continues to post top results with his firm, Tom Gaffny Consulting. What sets Tom and other great fundraising copywriters apart from the pack is their ability to go way beyond skillfully putting words on paper or digits online. Way beyond. @AgitatorEditors

Leadership / Other

  • Nonprofits: Do Not Be Afraid to Collaborate With One Another When I mention “collaboration” in meetings with other nonprofit directors, I can flip a coin on their reaction: will they cringe in disgust or light up like a light bulb. Why is collaboration such a polarizing word in the nonprofit industry? @bloomerangTech
  • [Guest Post] Are you frustrated with some of your board members? Today, I’m pleased to share with you a fun post by Simone Joyaux. Simone is one of the most provocative and insightful fundraising consultants I know. She is particularly good at working with boards and governance, so I asked her to write a piece in relation to her new book, Firing Lousy Board Members: And Helping the Others Succeed. @marcapitman
  • My #1 Year-End Fundraising Tip that Will Bring in the Most Money Year-end is a terribly busy time for you, I know. There is actually one important step you can do pretty easily.  And it can be highly profitable to your annual fund bottom line. This simple tactic can make the largest difference in your year-end fundraising results. So if you could do just one thing in the next 5-6 weeks – here’s what I recommend. @GailPerrync

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