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Stories, Twitter, major gifts crowdfunding and social change. What do they all have in common (besides being topics covered in this weeks headlines roundup)? They can all help your nonprofit be more successful. They can help you build a base of advocates who will help your organization achieve the change in the world you’re striving for. You can help people help you – but you need to let them in. Are you ready?

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How To Conduct Better Interviews - The Storytelling Non-Profit

How To Conduct Better Interviews – The Storytelling Non-Profit @vanessaechase

Interviewing clients can be challenging. It can be awkward to keep the conversation going – and also difficult to dig out the story from the interview.
Here are 5 things to help you conduct better interviews with clients:

How 10 Nonprofit Brands Roll on Twitter @ClickZHow 10 Nonprofit Brands Roll on Twitter | ClickZ

Many nonprofits, such as Operation Smile, the World Wildlife Fund and the Central Park Conservancy, are doing Twitter so well they’re outperforming their business brethren.

Not only are they on social media to ask for financial support, they’re on it to mobilize their advocates, recognize their volunteers, illustrate their needs, report on their progress and much more. Good for them. And good for the worthy, charitable causes they represent.

Fundraising Planning

5 Fundraising Delusions Nonprofits Suffer | Social Velocity

5 Fundraising Delusions Nonprofits Suffer | Social Velocity @nedgington

There are a lot of misconceptions about effective ways to fundraise. Here are are a few of the worst delusions nonprofits have about fundraising…


BC-02-high-resolutionTrying to Grow a Major Gift Program? These 3 Tips Might Help | Bullock Consulting @kirstenbullock

Inviting donors to take to the next step with your organization and make a major gift is fairly simple. Get to know your donor, find out why they’re interested in your organization, and eventually ask for a gift. Here are three tips: High-Potential Donors need to be actively pursued; Conversations with these donors need to be targeted; and Gift officers need specific training and tools.

Fundraising Tactics

6 Nonprofit Crowdfunding Models That Get Results6 Nonprofit Crowdfunding Models That Get Results @CauseVox

Want to launch a nonprofit crowdfunding campaign but not sure what crowdfunding model is the best for your particular cause? Here are 6 nonprofit crowdfunding models that will get results.
1. Internal fundraising
2. Reach Out to Related, Existing Communities
3. Leverage Members’ Connections
4. Traditional (but Unique) Launch Events
5. The Give-A-Thon
6. Become a Point of Inspiration

Getting Donors to Help with "Chores": Donor Advice Visits | Tri Point Fundraising
Getting Donors to Help with “Chores”: Donor Advice Visits | Tri Point Fundraising

How can you inspire your donors to help with the important “chores” of your nonprofit? Donor advice visits are the key. Discover how to make them a success.


What CEOs Have Learned About Social Media - HBR

What CEOs Have Learned About Social Media – HBR @HarvardBiz

When it comes to social media, today’s CEOs have made a remarkable transition over the past five years. Executives with social CEOs say their CEOs’ social media presence makes them feel inspired (52%), technologically advanced (46%), and proud.

The Revolution Will Be Managed - HBRThe Revolution Will Be Managed – HBR @HarvardBiz

Can you accomplish your revolution?

On September 17, 2011, Occupy Wall Street took over Zuccotti Park, in the heart of the financial district in Lower Manhattan. Within a few months, however, the park was cleared and the protesters went home, achieving little, if anything. In 1998, a similar movement, Otpor, had begun in Serbia. In two years they overthrew the authoritarian and corrupt Milošević government. After change came to Serbia, Otpor’s movement spread even further. Organizations like Kmara in Georgia, Pora in Ukraine and the April 6th movement in Egypt…


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