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What would happen if your organization was targeted by the media and and accused of misleading the public? Do you have disgruntled employees who might share their version of the truth? Would your board allow someone, anyone, to respond to the media? According to a new independent report, some of the information shared about Wounded Warrior earlier this year wasn’t accurate. Their board response (or lack thereof) likely made the situation a lot worse. More included below in the article from The NonProfit Times.

Another article goes more into depth about the DISC communication styles inventory. You’ll likely get a good idea of your primary communication / behavioral style in the article.

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canstockphoto7867487Overcome Resistance to Change by Enlisting the Right People | Harvard Business Review
The secret to changing an organization is to understand the fundamental units that make up the social system — these local tribes — and to invert the change process so that tribes own the change. To influence tribes in organizations, you have to give up control, and recognize that every change always goes through a process of localization as it gets executed. This isn’t just a “bottom-up” approach instead of a “top-down” one: it is an approach where leaders still lead change, but they work with and through the organization’s tribes to effect it.

An Overview of DISC: What is It? | Inc.
Strong communication in the workplace is vital for anyone wishing to promote a friendly productive business environment. However, miscommunication can still occur between you and a co-worker. Why? Because there will be personality types that differ from yours. No two individuals will respond to a situation in the same way. To avoid workplace discourse, it is best to apply an overview of DISC to your everyday interactions.

canstockphoto17662095 (1)Four Approaches to Nonprofit Sustainability | Stanford Social Innovation Review
In the five years following its 2010 strategic plan, Safe Horizon gained a lot of ground. It began to ask how the organization could grow further (its target population still had major unmet needs) while becoming more sustainable and less resource-constrained. To explore possible approaches, Safe Horizon engaged Wellspring Consulting to undertake a new strategic plan in 2015. In the process, they explored four possible approaches employed by other organizations that might help build Safe Horizon’s brand, breathe new energy into the organization, and access new sources of funding—all in a fiscally responsible and sustainable way. These options included: Go Upstream; A Banner to March Behind; Expand the Picture; Strength in Numbers

Independent Report Faults Media, Wounded Warrior Board For Fiasco | The NonProfit Times
“…it must be pointed out that any mass layoffs and any large drop-off in contributions are not the result of what happened prior to January 2016. It’s what happened after. And what happened after was wholly orchestrated by the board of directors,” White wrote. The problem wasn’t the senior management or the board but the “stature of two venerable news organizations that developed reports that were essentially incorrect and based on biased and incomplete perspectives of former employees, many of whom had been fired…”

FPAre you contacting your donors too often? | Future Fundraising Now
Most fundraisers are haunted by the belief that they might be chasing donors away by asking for gifts too often. Good news: There’s little evidence that this happens. In fact, you’re much more likely to be losing donors because you ask too infrequently.

Individual Donor Benchmark Report Reveals Secret Sauce for Effective Fundraising | Ignited Fundraising
The IDB Report also reveals the secret sauce for effective fundraising: having a fundraising plan. Organizations with a plan raise more, have more donors, and get better return on their fundraising investments. You can see some of the highlights in the infographic…

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