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Hope you enjoy this week’s nonprofit news and headlines!

Awareness / Communications

  • A Refresher on Storytelling 101 I tell stories to my godchildren, Anna and Noah, when their parents invite me to care for them. Their capacity for stories amazes me. They beg for “just one more” and then “just one more.” It seems we are wired to enjoy a well-told story. I work with future leaders at Stanford to help them develop compelling stories that achieve their management goals — and I’ve developed a seven-part formula for storytelling success in presentations and business meetings. @HarvardBiz
  • How to Craft Engaging Emails How can marketers make sure that their messages are one of the four that consumers actually remember? Pushing past the inbox clutter and noise may not be as tough as some marketers may think. @dmnews


  • Poorest in Mass. Give to Charity at Highest Proportion of Income Poor and middle class Massachusetts residents give more to charity as a share of their income than wealthier people—and, for those who give, at more than twice the rate of the very wealthiest. Residents who gave to charity in 2012, donated 2.19% of their adjusted gross income (AGI), down from 2.31% in 2006, two years before the Great Recession hit, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. @massnonprofit
  • The Introvert’s Guide to Successful Negotiating I know I’m not alone here — negotiation is terrifying for lots of introverts. But if you want to grow your career (and possibly your paycheck), it’s one of those things to buck up and learn. So how should introverts handle something that’s so unnatural to them? @HubSpot
  • How One Casual Donor Became a Top P2P Fundraiser I’m the kind of guy will sign up for any fun charitable event. I don’t need to have the slightest concern for the organization. I’m the classic disconnected event-based donor. I’m not even a donor. I’m a “user.” I just want to pay the entry fee and have fun. But now I’ve learned three things. @BloomerangTech


  • What Board Members Want Staff to Know At a recent workshop with more than 200 nonprofit board and staff members, we did an exercise where board members shared what they secretly wanted staff to know on yellow notes, and staff shared what they wanted board members to know on pink notes. @kivilm
  • When in Crisis, What Should Boards Do? Forbes’ online news outlet has published a list of 10 things boards should do, authored by contributor Davia Temin, who is listed as a leadership and crisis expert. Here are some recommendations about how boards should behave before, during, and after a crisis. @npquarterly

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