[News] Fundraiser Problem or Organizational Challenge?

facesEvery once in a while I’ll get the question from an executive director or board member: how do we know our development director is doing what they’re supposed to be doing? Often, the question is better phrased: is our organization positioned to raise significant funding or are we holding things back?

There are many things that can have a significant impact on fundraising success. One organization I worked with had started a campaign to raise money for a much needed piece of equipment. When the goal wasn’t reached, they left the money sitting in an account. If memory serves correct, the money was in that account for five or six years before I started – with no communication back to the donors about what was happening. My first year there was spent repairing the damage.

The leadership of another organization had decided that asking for money was an undesirable thing to do, and in fact I was told I shouldn’t ask for money. I was still able to reach goal, but there was significant potential left untapped.

Before you make the decision to let (another) fundraising professional go, ask yourself that ever important question: is there anything you’re doing that’s hindering success?

Not sure what to look for? Send me an email and let’s schedule a time to chat. Perhaps I can help with some insight.

Looking forward to connecting again sometime soon, In the meantime, enjoy this week’s blog roundup below!



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