[News] Does being donor-focused have to mean giving donors choice?

With January almost behind us, it’s a good time to assess how things are going this year. Are you on track to reach your goals? Have you determined what your goals are?

It’s not too late to do that! Pick 3-5 things you’re going to measure this year and write it somewhere your team can see it.


ropeWhat Great Data Visualization Looks Like: 12 Complex Concepts Made Easy. Looking to explain a complex concept? Science journalist Samuel McNerney explains, “Our cognition is influenced, perhaps determined by, our experiences in the physical world.” We use data visualization to create a sort of roadmap for our minds. We use the vocabulary of a familiar place to help us understand an unfamiliar one. In each of the above instances we’ve applied features that are visually perceivable to concepts that are more abstract. storytellingStorytelling in different ways – Joyaux Associates. The Rijksmuseum in Holland told a story…. The purpose wasn’t fundraising…. The purpose was to get people to go to the museum. So the museum decided – first – to take the art to the people. IN THE MALL… The museum took one painting of Rembrandt – dated 1642 – called “Guards of the Night.” And….


7Keys7 Proven Keys to Inspire Nonprofit Boards to Lead and Give – Clairification. “Back in the day, I focused. My number one focus was our board of directors. I knew that before we could get others to give, the board needed to give. Passionately. They needed to believe; then behave like leaders. Otherwise, how could they inspire followers? I organized a board giving campaign…” donorfocusedDoes being donor-focused have to mean giving donors choice? – 101fundraising. Offering donors choice isn’t all that it seems. And if you are tempted to restrict the money for them, it may not be the right thing to do at all, or what they even want. Here are some things to consider. It’s not just choice that matters, it is control. Choice is good. Tactically, in direct response, it works. Or at least, the perception of choice works. Because we actually know that too much choice is bad and diminishes response – we learn to be focused, single-minded and guide the supporter clearly to the action. Keep it simple, stupid.


FFNFundraising by phone: myths and facts – Future Fundraising Now. The Hilborn blog has a reality check about telemarketing, for those organizations whose leaders have taken holy vows never to use the phone to raise funds. The common disdain for telemarketing is based on the fallacy that “everyone thinks exactly the way I do.”


RolesRoles and Responsibilities of Constructive Nonprofit Board Members | Tri Point Fundraising. What Are Your Board Members Responsible For? Obviously, the roles that different nonprofit board members play can vary widely depending on a particular organization’s size, age, budget, and mission. In other words, the jobs of board members serving a brand new nonprofit with no staff will look a lot different than those of a board serving a more mature organization with several employees. But regardless of whether your nonprofit is large or small, old or new — or somewhere in the middle — your board is responsible for three main areas… HontheblogNonprofits Are Enterprises Too | Clara Miller. Every successful entrepreneur knows that when any enterprise starts up or grows, it needs both revenue and capital: revenue to pay for production of goods and services, and capital to create the platform, the business itself. But what many people don’t realize is that in this regard, nonprofits are no different than for-profits. As a result, nonprofits typically lack equity capital, which makes significant long-term growth painfully slow, unsustainable and frequently accompanied by a reduction in program effectiveness.

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