[News] Do You Know How to Sell Your Ideas?

Whether you’re in a development, CEO, board or other role in a nonprofit, chances are you’ll have a need at some point to convince others to implement an idea you have. It’s just part of nonprofit leadership.

Early on in my career I remember getting frustrated that others didn’t just embrace all the ways I knew money could be raised. It didn’t matter whether they were proven or not. I now know that people just don’t like change. So if we’re going to instigate change, we need to understand how to sell out ideas. Check out the full article in the Fundraising Tactics section below.


Oh no! We've been robbed!Avoiding employee theft. How vulnerable is your nonprofit? | Cause and Effect

Employee theft is one of the most common areas of risk for nonprofits. Unfortunately, Nonprofits don’t always have the level of controls that many private companies have. According to a 2014 report by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners*, Nonprofits across the US lose approximately 5% of annual revenues to fraud.

Fundraising Planning

fep-2016-rate-of-growht2016 Fundraising Effectiveness Project Report: 6 Takeaways | Bloomerang

Sadly, the smaller the nonprofit is in annual revenue the lower the rate of growth in giving performance. Organizations raising $500,000 or more had an average 10.7 percent rate of growth while those in the under $100,000 groups had an average loss of -11.8 percent. The possible reasons for this are not outlined, but the obvious fact that most larger organizations are able to hire professional fundraisers…

Rob's best headshotAtlas of Giving Forecast: Charitable Giving Decline in 2016 | Top Nonprofits

…just-released Atlas of Giving forecast predicts a charitable giving decline in 2016. The downturn is already underway, with giving through February down 1.4% compared to the same period in 2015. These early results were driven in large part by January giving numbers, which recorded the first monthly decline since the nation’s deep recession ended in June 2009.


InnovistaAnnual Reports: Walking The Talk | The Agitator

…most annual reports fail to garner donor support because they’re too organizational-centric — far too much about  the greatness of the organization; far too little about the donors or beneficiaries. Giles warns: “…though many of us profess to being relationship fundraisers, we collude with a belief that the annual report should be about the charity, and its achievements. And we thank the donors that have supported the charity. The charity is at the centre, not the donor.” His formula for what he calls a ‘donor-led’ or donor-focused annual report is simple. It requires…

My Best LinkedIn Email Marketing Etiquette RecommendationsMy Best LinkedIn Email Marketing Etiquette Recommendations | Maximize Social Business

If you’ve taken the time and effort to view a profile and connect via LinkedIn, then follow up with a personable message where a real connection is formed. Once that connection is formed, you can see where you can help and offer solutions to their problems. Then after you have a relationship and have proven yourself to be a resource, send them an opt-in offer and link to a newsletter subscription form. Make it easy for your new connection…

Fundraising Tactics

DC Central Kitchen5 E-Newsletter Success Factors | Getting Attention

As you muscle through engaging donors and other supporters in the actions you need, it’s crucial to have your thank you and follow-up ready to roll. NOW is when you have their attention. In fact, the first three months…

How to Sell Your Ideas | HubSpot

sell-ideas.pngIdeas don’t sell themselves — no matter how good they are. If you want to create the kinds of creative and marketing campaigns you’re always talking about with your colleagues — you know, the ones that push the limits of your team, show off your skills, and provide those impressive results your clients want — then you need to get better at convincing others of the value of your ideas. To get your clients (or donors) to say “yes” more often, follow these tips to increase your persuasive powers…

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