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We’re getting into a really busy fall season. There are events to plan and attend, fundraising appeals to write, donors to check in with and multiple other responsibilities. Make sure, in the midst of this, you don’t forget to be strategic in what you’re working on and investing your budget on. When we’re busy it’s extra easy to slide into a ‘just get things done’ mode that’s helpful in short spurts, but not necessarily good for the long haul.

Many of the leadership aptitudes listed in the article from the World Economic Forum this week center around building teams and understanding the people you’re working with. Knowing your own, and your team members, communications style can help you do that better. For more information and opportunities to learn about communication styles, visit bullockconsulting.net/communication/.

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Nonprofit News Roundup


canstockphoto7867487Reinventing leadership – 10 imperative leadership aptitudes you will need as a systemic leader | World Economic Forum

The future demands collective leadership that is visionary, innovative, agile and adaptable. In this context, system theory reframes leadership by focusing on the dynamic interactions between all individuals, explaining how the interactions can, under certain conditions, produce promising outcomes. The profound changes needed to accelerate progress on society’s most pressing problems require distinctive leaders. The recent literature on organizational behaviour calls them systemic leaders – able to lead organizations, systems, industries, communities and even nations through transformative change.

The Problem with Wanting to “Change the World” | Foundation for Economic Education

As someone who does want to make the world a better place I find this an interesting perspective: “Most people who want to change the world seldom pause to ponder what, exactly, about the world needs changing. After all, much about the world is pretty darn good, and, hence, is likely not an appropriate candidate for the wiles of any “change-agent.” Worse, most people who want to change the world have in mind schemes that involve forcing others to behave in ways that they would not otherwise.”


canstockphoto17662095 (1)The Calculus for Commitment: The Power of Involving the Private Sector in Social Impact Networks | Stanford Social Innovation Review

The importance of engaging the private sector in efforts to address social problems is increasingly apparent. Wicked problems defy single-point solutions, and no single organization or sector working in isolation can solve them. This widespread understanding is matched by a growing number of businesses exploring the integration of social impact into their core strategies. “We’re seeing companies interested in moving from chipping away at problems to solving them…

Transformative change depends on a new kind of leader | 101fundraising

We need big, transformational change in the sector, and that relies on leaders who are fearless enough and innovative enough to make decisions to ensure the long-term success of their organisations and the achievement of their mission – even when those decisions are difficult, unpopular or a little scary. Especially when they are.


FP8 Benefits of Fully Engaged Donors | Bloomerang

Sound engagement practices will lead to strong donor retention and increased levels of giving. For example, the simple act of engaging a donor by calling to thank her for her gift can have a profound impact. Penelope Burk in her book Donor Centered Fundraising reports that…

How to Use Psychology to Pre-Suede Donors to Give | Clairification

What Types of Valuable Gifts/Favors can Nonprofits Afford to Give? …In a nutshell, think of content as a meaningful gift. It’s the essence of your organization’s mission, vision and values.  Who you are. What you do. What you have to offer.  You’re just a box with nothing inside. Kids like to play with boxes; most folks — when they grow up — are looking for something of value inside the box. Your value is your content. Your brand. What you offer a potential constituent. What you’re all about…

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