[News] Decisions and The Great Armadillo Hunt

Here’s your nonprofit and fundraising tip blog roundup for the week. Hope you enjoy it!

Awareness / Communications

  • Marketing the Good Ol’ Days Packaging fond memories and warm feelings continues to be a winner for today’s brand marketers. Campaigns that evoke nostalgia aren’t built solely through creative narrative, but with the right marketing-tech tools. @dmnews
  • A Simple Formula for a Stellar LinkedIn Recommendation “Lisa has recommended you!” When I get a LinkedIn recommendation from someone I respect and admire professionally, I feel both honored and encouraged to return the favor. But for some reason, I always get writer’s block. I never know how to start or what to say — only that I like this person’s work and I want others to know it. @HubSpot

Fundraising Planning

  • Sales Data Only Matters If It Helps You Take Action In sales there is a buzz about big data and analytics. Vendors hype tools and mobile applications to help sales forces make sense of it all, while touting case studies that generated impressive improvements in sales force effectiveness. Companies are anxious to capitalize on the opportunity. While some jump in, many are reluctant to move forward. @HarvardBiz
  • 4 Doable Steps to Donor Love—Via Mal Warwick Donor communications that connect—that appreciate, energize and activate your prospects and donors—are THE key to fundraising success. That’s nothing new. What you may not know though, is how few organizations do donor communications well. @NancySchwartz

Fundraising Tactics


  • How Would Your Nonprofit Do in an Ethics Audit? Penn State Ethics Report Revealed Organizational culture includes lived assumptions about whether or not ethical behavior is a must. Unfortunately, at Penn State, it is not. Would most nonprofits we know be willing to subject themselves to an ethics audit along the lines of what ERC aimed to do at Penn State? @npquarterly
  • What It Means When Nonprofits Merge United we stand, divided we fall? What are we compromising when we merge, and who benefits? There are many lessons to be learned from nonprofit mergers, and a variety of both success and failure cases. @npquarterly

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