[News] Building the ‘Best’ Nonprofits

An HBR article this weeks (included below) shares three top areas the ‘best’ companies invest in. I glanced through the article trying to glean as much as possible that might be helpful for our beloved nonprofit sector. I realized though, this was one of those areas for-profit companies would rather we do as they tell us – rather than imitating what they do.

There are two messages we are hearing in the nonprofit sector. The first is that we should behave more like for-profit businesses. The second is that we shouldn’t spend any money on costs that are not directly related to programs. This article shows how incompatible those two sets of instructions are.

Here are the areas the article highlights as top areas the best companies invest in: game-changing capabilities, next-generation leaders, and in trying to identify the next generation business models. The common denominator for all three of these areas is that they are NOT directly program related.

Regardless of the pressures we feel, it is essential we invest in the infrastructure and those activities that can help our organizations become the ‘best’ nonprofits to invest in.

Happy reading!

Nonprofit News Roundup


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The best companies (and nonprofits?) —those that grow sustainably and profitably at scale—reject that kind of “peanut butter” approach of spreading resources around as evenly as possible. Instead they’re “spiky” in how they allocate funds and they invest big in three areas: game-changing capabilities, next-generation leaders, and next generation business models…

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