[News] Breakthrough Results Require Breakthrough Ideas

One of the things I know keeping nonprofit leaders up at night is money. Whether it’s related to being able to pay a salary to keep someone from leaving (simply because they can’t afford stay and still keep up with bills), providing additional care that is needed or making sure a rainy day fund is established (because eventually we all run into a rainy day).

But just needing money isn’t enough to get financial support. More and more, donors (whether government, foundations, companies or individuals) are looking for programs that are seeing breakthrough results. It’s not just about meeting a current need, it’s about solving problems. Read more about ways to find those breakthrough ideas in the article from Stanford Social Innovation Review below.

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Fundraiser – you can be the difference: 4 tips to get started on the right track @101fundraising

For a charity dependent of philanthropy to survive and thrive, the fundraiser can be just as crucial as my friend among the refugees. We often talk about the donor making a difference. We hope to inspire and encourage them to give again, and give more. But you as fundraiser (or nonprofit leader) have a unique role to make a significant difference for your organization and the people you serve.


Fundraising Planning

5 Experiments For Online Donations & Fundraising Nerdery – re: charity @bradyjosephson

“I’m not quite a charity nerd yet, but the good folks at NextAfter I would say have reached that level. I know this because NextAfter runs all kinds of fundraising experiments with their clients and publishes studies, results, methods and key learnings in their Digital Research Library. And I nerd out on them weekly. And since they’ve already done the nerdy work and published the results, you and I can come in, learn from them and apply those concepts to our work and test it might apply to our lives and nonprofits.”

Insight into Donor-Advised Giving – Agitator Editors @AgitatorEditors

Schwab has released a report providing giving data both since inception of their fund in 1999 and greater detail on fiscal year 2015. Because donor funds are invested by Schwab, it’s nice to see that, since inception, donor funds held in accounts by Schwab have increased by $1 billion in value (i.e., capital appreciation). Since inception, 46% of contributed assets have been granted. That represents 1 million grants, totaling $5.5 billion, with 20% of average total assets granted per year. In Schwab’s fiscal 2015 alone, $1 billion was granted, via 205,000 individual grants. $2 billion was contributed into the fund’s 26,000 current accounts. 42,000 charitable organizations were supported. And now, for the scoop you’re all waiting for, here are the top 10 grant recipients …


3 Methods to Incorporate Prospect Research Into How You Communicate With Donors – The Storytelling Non-Profit @vanessaechase

Neil Armstrong was on to something when he said, “Research is creating new knowledge.” There might not be much overlap between the worlds of…

How to Effectively Crowdsource Content From Your Entire Organization @HubSpot

The struggle is real. While my team and I have found that crowdsourcing content is a great way to combat writer’s burnout, often times it’s easier said than done.

Learn secrets for crowdsourcing content from your team in a way that’s actually enjoyable for everyone.

Fundraising Tactics

An Interview with Jerry Panas | Master of the Fundraising Ask @GailPerrync

If you have ever heard Jerry speak, you will know that he is the MASTER of solicitation strategies.
Best of all, he really knows how to spin a project or the cause in a way that makes it sound like something you have just GOT to be part of. His enthusiasm is contagious – and you need to hear how he does it!

Jerry has mastered the art of making a cause feel “irresistible” to a mega donor. And it is all in an interview right here…

Donor Behavior Shows Longer Fundraising Messages Actually Work Better @NPhub

Writing fundraising communications is not merely a derivative of commercial marketing, academic writing or business prose. It’s a highly specialized and nuanced technique that requires experience, ongoing testing and specific knowledge about the reader.


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