[News] Big Ideas = Better Fundraising

Do you agree that it’s easier to raise money for ambitious ventures than for business as usual? I know over the last 20 years I’ve found that to be true. And it doesn’t take big organizations to have a big idea.

I get it – sometimes we feel like we can’t give ourselves permission to dream. An easy first step is to answer this questions: What is it that your organization could accomplish if money weren’t an issue? (Read more in the post below from 101fundraising.)

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An Introduction To Balanced Scorecards For NonprofitsAn Introduction To Balanced Scorecards For Nonprofits @bloomerangTech

When these main elements of a proper balanced scorecard are combined, they allow virtually all nonprofits to move away from a set of financial objectives only and into a more diversified way to measure and monitor other key areas.

The most important net result is being able to gauge how effective and efficient they are in meeting the needs of all constituencies. This would of course include the measurement of their success in achieving the overall organization mission and its related objectives. This is truly needed by a large number of nonprofit organizations!

Can you create a culture of increased giving?Can you create a culture of increased giving? - 101fundraising @101fundraising

A culture of philanthropy exists when everyone within the organization values and strives for INSPIRED, JOYFUL, GENEROUS INVESTMENTS of wisdom, insights, time, energy, expertise, talents, connections, and money. Every constituency understands, embraces, believes in, and acts on his or her collective and individual roles and responsibilities in philanthropy, in a collaborative and donor-centric manner.

Fundraising Planning

This is about big ideas. - 101fundraisingThis is about big ideas. @101fundraising

It is very clear and again conclusive from our research that not any old idea will work. Get the right idea and you will flourish, get the wrong one and you will waste your investment.

A good, big idea is based on a new ambition for your organisation. It is not a brand palette, a description of you, declarations about the quality of your work. It is a statement of what you are trying to achieve.

How to Magically Multiply Your Donors - ClairificationHow to Magically Multiply Your Donors – Clairification @CharityClairity

While donors are sticking around longer, other things are happening. They’re growing more loyal. They’re upgrading their gifts. They’re referring their friends, family and associates. A few are making major lifetime gifts or legacy gifts.

Imagine one in three of these donors is responsible for bringing you one new donor either by referral or direct solicitation. This would mean that in Year 2 on this chart, the 500 extra donors you retained (10% of the initial 5,000) would yield you an extra 165 donors – all without the cost of expensive donor acquisition!

Then you do this all again the following year – compounding another year of 10% increased retention with the multiplying benefit of the additional new donor referrals.

Fundraising Tactics

Fundraising’s Wellness Check - NonProfit PROFundraising’s Wellness Check – NonProfit PRO @non_profit_pro

With just four months remaining in the year, it’s a good time to do a wellness check on our direct-response fundraising. After all, if there are problems that we continue to ignore, we could find our year-end fundraising efforts plagued by problems that could have been avoided (or at least minimized) if we had caught them sooner.

Profile donors to spur new giving « Philanthropy North Carolina @philanthropync

Make your profiles human and real. Show who the donor is. Explain how the donor’s gift was structured to address the donor’s personal, family or business needs, while also making your community a better place to live, and in the process serving an important cause the donor cares about.

Donor profiles do not need to be long to be clear and compelling. You can capture a lot of information in a short profile. What’s important is to use details, not generalities and overblown praise, to show the impact a gift can have both on the people it benefits and on the donor.


Email Plus Social Equals Engagement – Direct Marketing News @dmnewsEmail Plus Social Equals Engagement - Direct Marketing News

Analysts often weigh in on which channel delivers the most bang for marketing bucks. In particular, there’s an ongoing—and fervent—debate about email marketing versus social media. The question: Which one produces the most return? But this recent report suggests that the relationship between the two channels isn’t a battle, but rather a partnership. Over the past five years marketers have found ways to use email and social together.

What Can TV Commercials Teach You About Nonprofit Storytelling? @CauseVoxWhat Can TV Commercials Teach You About Nonprofit Storytelling?

You can learn a lot about compelling storytelling from TV commercials. They must grab your attention immediately or risk you changing the channel. They have to create a powerful emotional response in a very short amount of time. And finally, they need to convey a clear and actionable message at the same time.

Here are some things you can learn about storytelling from TV commercials.

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