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news-roundupHave you ever watched something happening you didn’t agree with? How did that feel? Did you decide to do something about it?

For change to happen in the world. Someone needs to be the first one stand up and say enough is enough. Someone to be courageous and take that first step forward.

Sure, there are several other things that need to happen to. But without a first step you won’t get anywhere.

Look around you. What’s calling out to you inviting you to take that step?

If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one. – Dolly Parton

Leadership and Nonprofit News Roundup


canstockphoto7867487Don’t let your filters become blinders | Steve McKee
This writer believed his my sex, religion, ethnicity and even hometown have also been used as reasons to treat him unfairly. But notice the verb in that last sentence, which is of utmost importance: “believe.” Is it possible that he had been discriminated against because of a personal characteristic? Certainly. Is it also possible that he may have assumed discrimination where none existed? You bet. And therein lies the problem. It’s not that our filters are never true. It’s that they’re not always true. Sometimes filters become blinders…

In your mostly long-forgotten chemistry class, you learned that a catalyst is a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected. If you look at the dictionary definition of the word catalyst though, there are more meanings than the chemical one, including “a person or thing that precipitates an event or change” (Dictionary.com). For a fire to start, there must be a spark…


…now — more than ever — we need a social change sector that is coordinated and offers real solutions to the many social challenges we face. But what does that look like? How does a single nonprofit leader analyze and begin to grow her organization’s networks? … work with board and staff to analyze current and potential networks and create a plan for growth by asking these questions…
Not everyone believes that fraud can happen at their organization. You know your employees and you have shared professional and personal milestones. However, the reality is that fraud does happen, and it could happen to your organization. The cost of fraud is much more than stolen money, a stolen identity or the misreporting of financial statement information. It can cost the organization future funding plus the time and effort expended by employees and the Board to repair the organization’s reputation.
Each question provides the basis of pulling together the needed information of just how much impact your organization has as it strives to fulfill its stated mission. As you read each one below think of how powerful discussing and knowing the answers to each question can be for your organization and its mission!


…if fundraising is the purpose of your e-news, you have about thirty days to get a phone number and/or donation! So you will need to work hard and fast.  After that, the chances of a donation are so low it was all a waste. This is the honeymoon period where people are most likely to click, open and respond.  And one of the biggest drivers of one of those actions, is volume of emails.  Not a volume of rubbish emails, but…
If you’re looking for a quick, easy, affordable, and dynamic way to thank donors this holiday season, then check this out: Make and send a thank-you video. It’s super easy to shoot. Just use your smart phone. No fancy equipment or skill needed. Just share your message from the heart and you’ll wins tons of brownie points with your donors.

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