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People problems are prevalent. And they are costing plenty – miscommunication, avoided conversations, projects taking longer, not to mention the time it takes when you, as the leader, need to step in and play referee. In this week’s roundup, Harvard Business Review provides a summary of some of these costs.

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canstockphoto7867487Putting a Price on People Problems at Work | Harvard Business Review
At the heart of most of these apparently intractable issues at work (obstacles to change), we usually find people problems: interpersonal conflict, miscommunication, poor decision-making, and more. Managers typically waste massive amounts of money, time, energy, and resources in order to fix these issues. And while these problems can seem tedious or frustrating, the true costs of this class of problems is much more troubling.

Four Essentials to Interpersonal Communications (and Leadership!) | Bullock Consulting Inc.
Your interpersonal communication and leadership skills can make or break a relationship. This holds true in both your professional and personal life. Many people could use some work in this area, whether they realize it or not. Keep these four essentials in mind to maximize your skills in these areas.

canstockphoto17662095 (1)Foundations’ Investment Returns Hitting Zero Or Worse | The NonProfit Times
If this continues it will start impacting the amount of money foundations have to give. Do you have a contingency plan? “As more foundations tempered their long-term return expectations last year, investment returns declined for the second consecutive year in 2015, with a 1.8-percent decline for community foundations and flat returns for private foundations, neither of which kept pace with the S&P 500’s 1.4-percent return.”

How Open to Change Is Your Nonprofit, Really? | Social Velocity
…if you really want the reality that your nonprofit faces to be different, if you want to find greater financial sustainability, if you want to achieve more program results, if you want to attract more and bigger funders, if you want a stronger, more effective board, you have to commit to real change. And then you have to get others at your organization to commit to real change as well.

FPRaising More from Your Annual Fund: 6 Donor-Centric Strategies | Clairification
Fundraising must be sustained over the long-term to be worth your effort. The annual campaign is the perfect opportunity for organizations to start getting to know their donors better and build more meaningful and valuable relationships with them. These relationships will naturally result in better fundraising, both for this campaign and future efforts.

20 Unique Donor Thank You Ideas | Causevox
One of the first things to map out as you plan your fundraising is your gratitude plan. Since only 10% of first-time donors are making a second gift, and since the long-term success of your fundraising is dependent on keeping donors around for the long term, making sure donors feel thanked is essential. Here are 20 ideas to consider.

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