What We Can Learn From LinkedIn

I just received this ‘personal’ email from Reid Hoffman, Co-founder and Chairman of LinkedIn (perhaps you got one too).

Here are the things I really like about this (and that I think would be really easy for nonprofits to adapt):

  • He congratulated me on being an ‘early adopter’ since I was the 778,381st member (I’ve never considered myself an early adopter, but it made me feel special).
  • He also let me know that they hit a major milestone this week when their 100 millionth member joined the site. Wow – that’s a lot people (and it implies that I had something to do with that – now I feel like I’m part of a movement).
  • Mr. Hoffman also took the opportunity to reinforce what LinkedIn stands for: helping the world’s professionals be more successful and productive.
  • Then, he thanked me.

Short, simple, and a great way to touch base without asking for anything.

How could you adapt this idea for your organization?


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