Kirsten’s Fundraising Headlines – September 27, 2011

So your Board has lost that loving feeling. There’s a mood of reluctance and apathy in its place. And you still have things that need to get done. Projects that need attention and people in need of help.
So, what do you do? Fire everyone and start over? Throw a tantrum? Raise up your hands in frustration?

Before you do that, I have a few better ideas. Read more.

Where I’ll be next – upcoming dates:

Oct. 3 – On-line Fundraising Q&A Call

Oct. 7 – Grow Your Nonprofit, in partnership with Business First (Louisville)

Oct. 11 – FREE Webinar (Growing Your Donors)


Giving Trends/Research

  • 7 ways to have a committed relationship with your donors Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog
  • Is Asian charity different than Western charity? (depends on the country) Mitchell Hinz | 101fundraising
  • NonProfit Salaray Survey – Results are now available TheNonProfitTimes

Technology/Social Media


  • Listening to Association Leaders: Success Characteristics in Turnaround Leadership « TheDemandPerspective
  • Our Board Has Lost That Loving Feeling
  • Board Stories Involving Humans (are we focusing on the wrong things?) The Nonprofit Quarterly
  • Ground rules for effective strategic planning (love these groundrules!) The Butterfly Effect (Blog)

In The News

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