Kirsten’s Fundraising Headlines – August 23, 2011

As I unwrapped the package, I started to get a whiff of the scent that had been captured inside. It was a mixture of salty ocean water, sand and dead fish. I smiled, closed my eyes, and for a moment was back at Cedar Key. Unfortunately, the moment had to end. I opened my eyes again and remembered that I was 10 hours from the closest ocean. The package contained a unique bowl, made of concrete mixed with sand and shells from Cedar Key with a fern painted on the inside. A reminder of a very special place.

Do you have a special place? Somewhere you know you can go and leave the stress of day-to-day life behind? It’s so important to take a break every once in a while – especially for those in the non-profit world. 

Below is a summary of articles and blogs from the past week related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Hope you have a fabulous week!


  • Tips for Successful Online Fundraising: be trustworthy, tell stories, be transparent Inspiring Generosity
  • Great tips: Four ways to ramp up your annual appeal (key? know thy donor) Pamela Grow’s Grantwriting Blog
  • Why numbers don’t motivate donors to give (they numb us) Future Fundraising Now
  • 10 Insights into Women’s Philanthropy | JGA Counsel


  • Nonprofit marketing 2.0: Outreach tips from your peers Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog
  • The 7 signs you are doing things right across channels Katya’s Non-Profit Marketing Blog
  • Creating a Two-Page Nonprofit Annual Report Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog
  • 14 Ways to Choose Topics For Your Nonprofit Blog for Online Fundraising Inspiring Generosity
  • Great things to think about: How Small Nonprofits Can Take Advantage of Google Grants | Pamela Grow


  • Succession Planning: The Elephant in the Room Hildy Gottleieb nonprofit governance boards
  • My (Lori’s) Perspective on Board Recruitment and Retention Lori Jacobawith
  • Legal Issues Facing Nonprofit Start-Up Organizations Nonprofit Law Blog
  • How to Stop Meddling Board Members (HINT: keep them busy with appropriate tasks)

In The News

  • Congress Considers Eliminating Reduced Rates for Nonprofit Mail – AFP
  • Governments Must Stop Putting Burdens on Nonprofits – The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Opening Up Chinese Philanthropy (good and challenges) RE:Philanthropy
  • New Rules for Grantmakers and Donors (great overview of changes) GuideStar Report
  • Philanthropy Gains Eager Followers in B-Schools – BusinessWeek
  • Fund-Raising Campaigns Proceed, Despite Economy Fears – The Chronicle of Philanthropy


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