IFC 2011: SONI Research Unveiled

While you can access the SONI study (2011 State of the Nonprofit Industry) online, it was interesting to see how those in the room responded to questions that were the same as those asked on the survey. Mind you, the survey happened earlier in the year prior to concerns regarding a double-dip recession. Also important to note, as fundraisers we tend to be very optimistic as it relates to potential outcomes.

  •  Attendees from charitable organizations (24) were asked what they thought about next year’s income. 83% thought that it would improve. This was in agreement with the survey responses.
  •  When asked which method is core to your organization, 75% selected individual/recurring gifts (and just 4% major gifts).
  • While the majority of the respondents to the SONI survey indicated that recruiting new donors was their biggest challenge, ‘showing impact’ was indicated by 43% of attendees.

Check out the SONI survey results – there’s no other research project like it.

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