Ideas for saying thank you to your donors

This week, examples of ways to say that you to your donors are swirling around the ‘blog-o-sphere.’ Here are some links to just a few of them:

Katya Andresen shares an example from the Human Society (notice the frequent use of ‘you’). In another post she shares a tip from Pell & Bales that, when they used, increased giving by over 40%. You might expect some complex scheme, but it really just took picking up the phone to say thank you. These results are fairly similar to what I saw in a ‘thank you’ campaign about 11 years ago with an organization in Florida.

Erik Anderson reinforces the notion that we can’t just go through the motions when it comes to gratitude, we really need to mean it (this really applies to every step we take with out donors).

If you’re looking for several different examples, Amy Eisenstein shares 10 ways to show donors your gratitude. My personal favorite is probably the thank you video. If you’d like to see a few examples of that, just head over to YouTube and do a search for some of the Chairity: Water thank you videos.

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