Holistic Solutions to Combat Homelessness – Social Enterprise Alliance

Since its founding in 1979, CCC has helped many find a path to a self-sufficient life. Aside from initiatives like access to housing, primary and behavioral health care and an encouraging peer environment, CCC helps its clients gain steady income via job training and opportunity employment. Supplementing the training, specialists work with trainees to help them understand the employment process, think long-term about their career goals and develop skills like résumé writing and interviewing.

This approach allows participants to take charge of their professional lives and keep moving up into positions that pay living wages or better. Initially, many trainees lack confidence in their ability to succeed at any job. The organization believes preparing clients for a variety of career paths is the initial step to overcoming that fear.

Many agencies focused on serving the homeless choose different areas to focus on. Some might chose healthcare, others job training, others childcare, or housing, or feeding. chooses to look at this issue as more systemic. They combine housing, healthcare and employment opportunities to ensure the route to independent housing can be achieved as quickly as possibly for the client.

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