[Headlines] Your Next Three Things

It’s the middle of March. That means we’re almost through the first quarter of the year. So this is a great time to assess how things are going on your annual goals – and the good news is it’s not too late to catch up if you find yourself a little behind.

What is it that most often keeps things from being done? The common answer is procrastination. One I want to address though is overwhelm. We have too many things coming from us from every single direction. Deadlines, other people’s priorities, information, news, social media…

We need focus. An exercise that I’m committing to get back to this week (and I hope you’ll join me) is identifying the next three things. The past few months I’ve found myself with a growing task list that never seems to get finished. I obviously can’t abandon that completely, but I can identify the next three things I can do in the next week that will help me accomplish my annual goals.

In the meantime, here are this week’s headlines. Each week I read through information from about 80 different sources to being you the best information each week (and guess what – that saves you from having to read through them all 🙂 ).

Let me know how things go with your three things!


Why so many organisations fail at Facebook - 101fundraisingWhy so many organisations fail at Facebook – 101fundraising

If you find Facebook is not really working for your organisation, I am willing to bet that it is not Facebook’s fault – it’s yours. Too many take too lightly on their social media work – and get the results to match it. No such thing as a free lunch …

Tips From the Field: What You Need to Know to Get a Great Story - The Storytelling Non-ProfitTips From the Field: What You Need to Know to Get a Great Story – The Storytelling Non-Profit

Stories form connections. They paint pictures, create memories, and — when written or told correctly — motivate action. That’s especially important in fundraising. It’s key, actually, because stories show donors the impact of their gifts in ways that statistics and facts can’t. Good nonprofit stories can be incredibly difficult to get…


Fundraising Planning

5 Things You Didn't Know About Philanthropy | Jean Case5 Things You Didn’t Know About Philanthropy | Jean Case

One of the greatest challenges for philanthropy today is the very term itself –philanthropy. Chances are that when asked, most people would associate the word with wealthy individuals writing big checks to charity. Yet, look up the word and etymologically, it simply means a “love of humanity.”

Nonprofits Attracted High-Net-Worth Multichannel Donors All Age Groups : Page 1 of 2 : FundRaising SuccessNonprofits Attracted High-Net-Worth Multichannel Donors All Age Groups : Page 1 of 2 : FundRaising Success

Crowdfunding donors span all age groups and that the majority of donors have high net worth, are highly educated and use multiple channels, making them ideal donors for stewardship. Additionally, individual (crowdfunding) events have drawn from 25% to 68% new or reactivated donors and inspired major donors to give multimillion-dollar donations.


Fundraising Tactics

Your 9 Week Plan to Organizing a 5K Charity Run | ClassyYour 9 Week Plan to Organizing a 5K Charity Run | Classy

To help nonprofit professionals who are planning an event like this, Classy has created a nine-week plan for organizing your own charity run/walk. Ideally, you would have months to prepare for an event like this, but if you fall behind or get a late start, it helps to have a plan. This checklist includes many of the most common tasks that a nonprofit must complete before race day. By spreading these tasks over a series of weeks, you can make continual progress toward your goal without becoming overwhelmed.

Design Your Donor In – AgitatorAre you walking the talk when it comes to donor centricity? The commercial marketing space is full of chatter about getting ‘customer insight’ and understanding the ‘customer experience’ with the brand and its products/services (now termed ‘Cx’). The parallel phenomenon in the nonprofit space is all the chatter about being ‘donor-centric’…



Measuring the Impact of Your Nonprofit Program | Beth’s BlogMeasuring the Impact of Your Nonprofit Program | Beth’s Blog

With over 100 tools, approaches and platforms for measuring impact, the process can be overwhelming and time consuming. Many times, nonprofits, especially smaller ones, do not have the resources to hire outside consultants to measure the impact of their programs. Here are three simple steps to get you started: Plan for Success. Set Program Goals & Metrics. Report Out.

Sector Not Paying To Develop New Leaders - The NonProfit TimesSector Not Paying To Develop New Leaders – The NonProfit Times

Less than one percent of grant dollars were put towards nonprofit leadership development between 2003 and 2012, according to a new report. Nonprofit sector leaders “are under tremendous stress as they juggle the roles of being visionaries, activists and administrators, not to mention their responsibilities and relationships outside of work,” according to Niki Jagpal, senior director of research and policy at the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP).

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