[Headlines] Your Call to Action

Here is a weekly tips / news roundup. Enjoy!

Awareness / Communications

  • Saying “we exist” is not fundraising How often do you see a message from a nonprofit — often a billboard, transit ad, or print ad — that consists of the following: The organization’s logo and tagline. A stock photo of happy people. To raise funds, you need to make a clear and compelling call to action.@jeffbrooks
  • Gear your communication to your audience, not your peers To meet their goals, charities must meet the needs of their constituents. Yet instead of gearing their communications to the audiences they need to reach, far too many nonprofits and foundations are locked in the inbred and insulated vocabulary of their own organization and field of interest…@philanthropync

Fundraising Planning

  • A Gardener Explains Why Donor Acquision Is So Expensive There’s no shortage of data and punditry asserting that donor acquisition is more expensive than donor retention. According to James M. Greenfeld’s book Fund Raising: Evaluating and Managing the Fund Development Process, new donor acquisition via direct mail can cost between $1 and $1.25 per dollar raised, while donor renewal costs are only about $.0.20 per dollar raised. @bloomerangTech
  • The problems with ROI and the need for new rules The problems with ROI and the need for new rules: “re you having tough conversations with colleagues in finance to secure investment in fundraising? Or has finance already won and you’re putting short-term targets over long-term strategy? @CivilSocietyUK

Fundraising Tactics

  • Ring! Ring! Telemarketing Mysteries And Case Studies If there ever there were a medium where nonprofits consistently get it wrong it’s telemarketing. In my experience no medium, short of a personal visit, is as powerful. IF … used correctly, which unfortunately is seldom the case. CEOs and boards generally hate telemarketing. @AgitatorEditors
  • 10 Steps to Create an Appeal Letter That Brings in the Money It’s not too late to create a dynamite compelling appeal letter that will make your donors tear it open and send in a quick gift. You are probably working very hard right now to craft appeal letters that will bring in generous gifts. How do you get your appeal letter to stand out from the crowd? @GailPerrync


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