[Headlines] Will Transformative Leaders Survive Your Board?

In this week’s featured article (included in the Leadership section below), Eugene Fram pontificates about whether or not transformative leaders can thrive on a typical nonprofit board. At first glance it seems a bit antagonistic. But let’s think about this. Boards are entities that often only make any forward movement once a month (that’s not true of all nonprofits, but there are plenty I’ve come across that are in that mode). Transformative leaders are typically looking for fast action and fast results. Are nonprofits designed for that? Should they be? Do our models of governance need to change? Is there a better role for a transformative leader than on the board of a nonprofit? Unfortunately, more questions than answers this week, but certainly some food for thought.

Here are a few articles and posts to help stay up-to-date on trends and topics facing the nonprofit world.

Happy fundraising!


messagingCreating Your Core Message – The Storytelling Non-Profit Messaging is a foundational piece of the marketing, communications and fundraising puzzle. The more consistent you can be, the better. In this post the author explores the basics of messaging and how it can help your storytelling efforts. instances we’ve applied features that are visually perceivable to concepts that are more abstract.

Fundraising Planning

ScienceAnother Science of Giving Infographic – re: charity Giving makes us happy and there’s some scientific reasons for this. This great infographic explores the science of giving and shares insights. pyramid
The Secret To Building A Sustainable Future At Your Nonprofit If your donor pyramid isn’t taking shape where you have a full, healthy and thriving base of general fund, mid-level, and major gift donors, you’ve probably stressed over questions like: What will we do if we lose a major donor? What will happen if retention rates for our general fund continue to drop?The good news is that those challenges and worries can be answered with one simple solution…

Fundraising Tactics

RedFlagsPersonal Face-to-Face Solicitation, Part 1 – NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly Personal face-to-face solicitation is a natural evolution in good fundraising. This approach works well with individuals as well as some corporations, for both operating/core program support and many capital projects. And yet, personally meeting up and asking for a gift is a new concept for so many nonprofits, no matter their budget size. It’s way past time to seize the opportunity for personal face-to-face solicitation. So why are so many organizations—their staff and board members—reluctant? wildWild Apricot Blog : Sponsorship As An Alternate Revenue Stream Sometimes, traditional revenue streams like membership dues, donations and fundraising drives aren’t enough. Sponsorships can offer up terrific revenue to non-profits, membership organizations and associations of all sizes.


RedFlagsTrust for Nonprofits Wanes Globally but Inches Up Infinitesimally in US – Nonprofit Quarterly As we all know, public trust in you—your reputation—is necessary for nonprofits, so it’s an important characteristic to track as an individual organization. But the degree to which the whole sector enjoys the confidence of the public is also important because as an asset or deficit, it is shared. Over the past 15 years, trust in NGOs is still the highest of all four sectors. But this past year has been tough on trust across the board… HontheblogCan Transformative Leaders Succeed on a Nonprofit Board? | Eugene Fram According to Malcolm Gladwell, noted writer and analyst, people who drive transformation share three traits: courage, the ability to reframe problems and a sense of urgency “It is not enough,” he continues, “to have ideas– but (you must have) the discipline to carry them out.” Gladwell’s reported verbiage on the subject fairly crackles with energy and initiative, just the ticket for nonprofit boards who want to recruit and maintain engaged directors. But-not so fast…

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