Headlines: This is your brain on viral content

Here’s your headlines roundup. Happy fundraising!

Awareness / Communications

This Is Your Brain on Viral Content: What Psychology Says You’ll Click On. In a given day, we send 400 million tweets, upload 144,000 hours of YouTube video, and publish 4.75 billion pieces of content on Facebook. In a medium inundated with digital noise, creating a few blasé content marketing campaigns just isn’t going to cut it… from Inbound Hub | Marketing

6 Fantastic Landing Page Examples You’ll Want to Copy. Landing pages exist to serve one purpose: to get people on your website to convert to the next stage in the buying journey. Although their purpose is simple enough in theory, actually creating a successful landing page requires … from Inbound Hub | Marketing

Another 4-Page Annual Report Success Story. @KiviLM has been preaching alternative annual report formats for quite a while now.  A 4-page report still gives you the basic layout of a longer report, but isn’t as scary…

Fundraising Planning

Designing Nonprofit Experiences. Nonprofits aren’t selling a product or a service; they’re selling a cause and a set of values. The hope for a nonprofit is to find users who are … by Lacey Kruger for NPEngage

Surge of Remainder Trusts Seen as Baby Boomers Age. The oldest of America’s 72 million baby boomers are turning 68 this year, the average age at which individuals create charitable remainder trusts. That’s likely to produce a surge in such gifts during the next 20 years… via @AFP

How To Keep Your Donors. Fundraising is like any other business: customer loyalty is the Holy Grail. That’s the job of fundraising: Finding and retaining customers. We just call them donors… by Simone Joyaux

[Video] Connecting with a Group: Inviting Others to Introduce You Here are some thoughts related to inviting other people to introduce you to their network.

Fundraising Tactics

How to recruit more monthly pledge donors. You’ve heard by now that one of the most useful things you can do to help your fundraising program is get as many of your donors as possible enrolled in a monthly giving program. That’s easier said than done, but here are some tips … by Jeff Brooks

20 Donor Engagement Signals That Get Missed Often. In this era of falling donor retention rates, it’s no surprise that incoming donor engagement signals are often missed or ignored. But why are so many of these signals ignored? Could it be that there is too much focus on … by Jay Love

[Video] Asking One on One: Three Potential Answers (and how to respond). Asking for a gift can be scary, but there’s one important thing you should know about what no often means.


What Defines the Culture of Your Nonprofit Board? Although nonprofit board members are closer to crisis situations when they happen, a deficit or weakened board culture can frequently be responsible for their occurrence. Often nonprofit staffs are only a level or two away… from Huffington Post

A “Classic Case” Merger: What Tends to Make Them Work. Two sheltering programs in the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area are merging and their situation provides a “classic case” of the factors that often underlie a successful merger. From Nonprofit Quarterly

How To Talk To Donors About Fundraising Costs And Ethics. I have no idea how much traction the CNN story on the New York Attorney General’s settlement will get. Nor whether it will trigger any, many or no donor inquiries to your organization or your clients. Nonetheless… by Roger Craver

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