[Headlines] Taking Time to Reflect

These past few weeks I’ve been having a blast connecting (and reconnecting) with some other experts to the nonprofit world. We’ve been preparing for The Nonprofit Academy™ Fall 2012 Telesummit. While we’ve been having a good time, what gets me even more excited is the great information they will be sharing with you – for free – the last few days of this month.

On a more personal note, my husband took me out to dinner this past week to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We talked all about how different life is now from what we thought it would be, as well as reminisced about fun times spent together. Everything from the bellhop who said ‘Newlyweds?’ as he delivered room service our wedding night to the tiny room at the ‘Cab Inn’ we stayed at the first time he got to go to Denmark with me to meet my father. Then our fifth anniversary trip to a small village on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico that was just magical. It was fun to reflect on where we have come from – and about where we might be headed to.

When was the last time you – and/or your organization – reflected on how far things have come? Too often we only compare against where we want to be – rather than celebrate what we’ve accomplished. If you haven’t done it lately, I challenge you to take 10 – 15 minutes sometime this week to write down all the great things that have happened for your organization (or for you personally) in the last year (or so). Then, keep that list updated each month. It’s a fun exercise!

Below is a summary of the latest articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!



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Involving People

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