[Headlines] Social Enterprise is Not the Answer

Hope you enjoy this week’s nonprofit news and headlines!

Awareness / Communications

  • Nonprofit Resource: Social Media Platform Cheat Sheet We’ve all learned social media is a powerful tool for marketing, communicating with your nonprofit donors and generally sharing with your community about who you are, what you’re up to, and how they can help. At times, though, I find I’m not quite sure which tool does exactly what I need. @LJacobwith
  • How to Send More Fundraising Emails and Maintain Conversion Rates There were a number of interesting findings from the new Luminate Online Benchmark Report, released at BBCON. The report includes results from 794 nonprofits and 18 million transactions from July 2013-June 2014. Among the interesting findings: Online giving was up 8.07% from July 2013-June 2014 (compared to the previous year)…@Blackbaud

Fundraising Planning

  • 7 Ways to Create Highly Committed Donors Wouldn’t you like ALL your donors to feel “highly committed” to your organization?  What would they do for you? Well – they will give and give and give again. Let’s look at the other side – what happens when your donors are not highly committed? @GailPerrync
  • Social Enterprise is Not the Answer to Fundraising Woes There is an article in Forbes this month that bothered me. Carrie Rich, co-founder and CEO of The Global Good Fund, argues that more nonprofits should move from a “donor-driven organization” to a “revenue-producing social enterprise.” In essence she is encouraging more nonprofits to figure out how to sell their services. @nedgington

Fundraising Tactics

  • Kickstarter’s Founder Launches Nonprofit “Dollar A Day” Kickstarter’s founder Perry Chen, who resigned from his position at the crowdfunding platform, recently launched the nonprofit Dollar A Day to raise money for charities. Chen helped spark a movement that raised over $1 billion dollars for individual projects that has led to startups, social change initiatives, etc. via Kickstarter. Can he replicate this for nonprofits? @care2frogloop
  • The Two-Part Major Gift Conversation A quick YES to your proposal may not always be the best answer. Reflect on your last meeting with a prospective donor when you asked for $25,000 over five years (or $5,000, everything being relative to the size of your organization). Receiving a YES response was terrific news – or was it? @bloomerangTech


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