[Headlines] Online Giving is Up!

Below is a summary of the latest articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!


Online Strategies

  • Gail Perry shares some thoughts on how to increase the percentage of people who make it to your donation page – and who actually make a gift.
  • How is online giving going? Network for Good has developed a national online giving index.  Hint: online giving is up!
  • As more people begin reading their email on their mobile devices, it’s becoming more important to make sure your email is mobile-friendly.
  • Meghan Keaney Anderson shares some ideas on how to ensure your Facebook posts are getting seen (especially in light of the recent changes).





  • Agitator Roger Craver reflects on how tote bags and calendars seem to be taking the place of relationships and brand recognition.
  • Want to learn more about giving trends this holiday season, check out this infographic from Razoo.
  • Does crowdfunding have a place in your fundraising plan? Here’s a Q&A with Ed Norton, founder of Crowdrise.



  • If yours is one of the majority of boards that isn’t making the most of your board members, read some tips from SSIR to improve that.
  • Considering a collaboration? Good data can help your chances for success. This article from Fast Company shares some lessons if you’re planning on taking it one step further and consider a merger.
  • As more nonprofit scandals hit the news, you’re probably a little concerned about making sure that your organization doesn’t get that kind of publicity. Jan Masaoka shares her thoughts about how a conflict of loyalty can also be a concern.


Nonprofit News

  • Blackbaud’s recent survey shows that more people donated to charity in 2012 than in 2011. It also shows that mobile is gaining in importance.
  • Recent research shows that Americans are volunteering more than ever. Joanne Fritz shows some more information from that report.
  • The ‘fiscal cliff’ has been all over the news. Greg McRay shares about how it could impact nonprofits. Bath Kanter has a guest post from Steve MacLaughlin that shares some interesting trends – and suggestions for thriving in this environment.
  • Capping charitable deductions has been in the news as part of that discussion. This infographic illustrates dangers associated with that cap.

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