[Headlines] It’s good to be bored!

Here’s a summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!


  • Why Open Contests Work Contests are like anything else. There are good examples and bad ones. But that doesn’t mean that we should abandon the whole enterprise. By Mayur Patel
  • Why your fundraising brand should bore you One of the hard things about smart fundraising is that you can drive yourself crazy from the repetition. Because repetition is one of the keys to success: Repetition within every project and repetition over the course of months and years. By Jeff Brooks


  • Checkout Charity: How Do the Pennies Add Up? If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you were probably asked to donate to charity. Checkout charity campaigns are becoming an increasingly common way for nonprofits to raise funds and for corporations to indirectly contribute to good causes. By Jennifer Amanda Jones
  • Non-Profit Online Fundraising Strategies from NPR – New Media Campaigns About 40% of NPR’s $174 million annual budget comes from individual donations. That makes them one of the most consistently successful organizations at grassroots fundraising from individuals who are supportive and passionate about their mission. By Clay Schossow
  • Donate a dollar at the register? Checkout charity is big business for nonprofits Checkout charity, as it’s sometimes called, has become big business for nonprofits and retailers. Charities love it because it raises money from the masses at little cost. Companies love it because it makes them look caring and generous, even if it comes on the backs of customers. By Susan Thurston


  • Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes In Your Fundraising Appeal Letter Your year-end appeal letter just might be missing the boat. Tom Ahern shares his tips with us! I interviewed the great direct mail genius Tom Ahern this week for our 2013 Year-End Fundraising Telesummit. (You don’t want to miss this!) By Gail Perry
  • Why one jar is not enough Whether you’re collecting donations through your online fundraising campaigns, at an event, or even with Costco-sized pickle jars, it’s essential to provide easy pathways to give at the point of inspiration. By Caryn Stein
  • People, this is NOT a thank you! This is a poorly done appeal badly disguised as a gift acknowledgement. This is not a thank you. Two sentences. That’s what’s spared for the donor. Fifty percent of the front page is about asking for another gift. Don’t do this. By Mary Cahalane


  • Is Your Nonprofit Riding the CSR Wave? Today, CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, has become such an overwhelming plus for businesses that most large corporations not only don’t avoid it, they embrace it. That’s because their employees, customers, and even investors demand it. By Joanne Fritz
  • The Rest Of The Retention Story – Part 3 The most fundamental flaw in the conventional fundraising belief system is this: “Donors are born, not made.” Believers are certain that somewhere out there, if only they employ the right predictive acquisition models, or if only they can hit on the right exchange lists, there’s an enormous reservoir of new donors that will flow their way. By Roger Craver
  • What’s the Future of Planned Giving?  I was recently asked the question, “What do you see as the future of planned giving?” during a development professionals’ educational session.  Because the answer would have taken much more time than allotted, I promised to give the query some thought and respond through my blog. By Katherine Swank
  • Capital Campaigns: 4 Tips For Teeny Organizations Is this you? Tiny NGO? One staffer? No resources? And now the board intends to shoot you out of a cannon with an ill-prepared capital campaign? Survive the circus by following these tips. By Siobhan Aspinall


  • Selfies for Good? Or just tapping into a narcissistic trend? No doubt you’ve taken a “selfie,”  a self-portrait taken with your mobile phone camera and shared on Facebook or other social media channels.   Although selfies have been around for years, they have gained popularity recently. By Beth Kanter
  • 19 do’s and don’ts of Facebook marketing Want some solid advice on how to use a Facebook page for your nonprofit or organization? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 19 do’s and don’ts Guest post by Scott Ayres
  • You like me What’s not to like about our donors? Sally Field is famous for her 1985 Academy Award-acceptance speech: “I can’t deny the fact that you like me,” she gushed. “Right now, you like me.” Flash forward to 2013 and thanks to Facebook, we all get a chance to be Sally Field on our very own stage nearly every day. By Mary Lynn Lalonde


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