[Headlines] Is succession planning taboo?

Here are a few articles and posts to help stay up-to-date on trends and topics facing the nonprofit world. Included is information on stories, succession planning, mid-level donors and more.

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5 Interviewing Tips for Collecting Better Stories - The Storytelling Non-Profit5 Interviewing Tips for Collecting Better Stories – The Storytelling Non-Profit
Ever get frustrated that stories aren’t just flowing in to your office? I mean, you’ve told everyone you wanted stories right? Asking is only the first step, we need to walk people through what it looks like. Here are some tips to help.
5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Your Business5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Your Business
When you think of Facebook for your nonprofit, you probably think of Facebook Pages. However, Facebook Groups can be another powerful way for nonprofits to connect with their donors and followers (and with organic reach having tanked for Pages, Groups can help you build a community AND stay in touch). While this article is written from a business perspective, it certainly applies to nonprofits as well!

Fundraising Planning

Slaying the Dragon of No | Kivi's Nonprofit Communications BlogSlaying the Dragon of No | Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog
Here’s one of the questions Tom Ahern hears most often: “How do I convince my boss that all these new ideas” – approaches like donor-centricity (which I swear only qualifies as novel in the curiously anachronistic world of fundraising) – “actually work?” Tom doesn’t have a short – of easy – answer. Just a longish one … but it is foolproof…
What Every Nonprofit Should Know About Mid-Level Donors - The Digital DripWhat Every Nonprofit Should Know About Mid-Level Donors – The Digital Drip
Most organizations have a rich source of untapped opportunity in the middle of the pyramid that they overlook — mid-level donors. Knowing how to upgrade donors in the middle of your donor pyramid is incredibly important. However, mid-level donors often have an elusive, mysterious persona. Who are these people? If they’re not major donors or regular givers, then who are they and how do we identify them?


Fundraising Tactics

What’s in Your Welcome Kit? | Kivi's Nonprofit Communications BlogWhat’s in Your Welcome Kit? | Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications BlogWhen someone new donates to your cause, do they get any kind of welcome kit beyond a receipt? How about e-newsletter subscribers? Do they get something special beyond a subscription confirmation? These “extras” are often called Welcome Kits and they can include several different kinds of items. What you include will depend on the kind of relationship you hope to establish with the person long-term. Here are a few … Surprising Science: Do Men and Women Respond to Different Fundraising Appeals? - ClairificationSurprising Science: Do Men and Women Respond to Different Fundraising Appeals? – ClairificationMale Donors Respond Best to Pitches That Stress Self-Interest, Study Says. The article claims there’s an “empathy gap” between men and women. Because of this, it advises emphasizing how the prospective male donor will benefit from their philanthropy, rather than highlighting the impact of their philanthropy on the beneficiary. The writer of this blog is not certain that’s the right takeaway…



Beyond Transparency | Stanford Social Innovation ReviewBeyond Transparency | Stanford Social Innovation ReviewCould transparency be an organization’s path to accomplishing its mission? When organizations are more open in their work, it can improve both the work itself and the results in the communities they serve. Here are some of the things this Hildy Gottlieb and her team learned that can apply to any organization, whether they are working at a distance or in person. Why is succession planning taboo? | National Council of NonprofitsWhy is succession planning taboo? | National Council of NonprofitsApparently nonprofit board members and executives will do everything possible to avoid hearing or speaking those words. Yet succession planning is essential, and should not be taboo. Interestingly, this phenomenon is not limited to nonprofits. A nonprofit undergoing a leadership transition is at a very vulnerable point in its lifecycle…

Nonprofit Leadership: Smooth Successions and Successful Starts | Steve NardizziNonprofit Leadership: Smooth Successions and Successful Starts | Steve NardizziEffective leadership is needed now, more than ever. But turnover among nonprofit executives is also high. So how do nonprofits that are serious about their sustained impact ensure they select the right individual to lead their efforts and set him or her on a course for long-term success? And how do new CEOs prepare for their role and set themselves up for success? Accountability = Success - Ignited Fundraising
Accountability = Success – Ignited FundraisingChanging your board story takes time. It also takes changing staff & board leadership behaviors to shift a board culture. One of the tools Lori Jacobwith recommends is to create a board activity dashboard and a fundraising activity dashboard. Creating the dashboards is the easy part. Deciding what to show on the dashboards is what takes time and intentional conversation…


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