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20141118_133637_resizedDid you get any of the freezing weather from the cold front that swept through the mid-region of the country the last few days? The heating system in our old house has had a bit of a problem keeping up with the cold air outside. Thankfully I have an ‘emergency heat’ option that provides an extra little boost.

I often hear from folks in the nonprofit world that they would benefit from an ‘emergency heat’ type setting. You know the feeling – when you’re running as fast as you can but just can’t catch up. In order the auxiliary heat to kick in, I noticed that the main heat had to switch off first – then the other system kicked in. Perhaps there’s a lesson in that for us too. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to stop, take a deep breath and assess where everything is at before we jump in again.

I hope this week you get to catch your breath. In the meantime, here are some ideas to give your fundraising a boost!

Awareness / Communications

  • 3 Ways to Promote Your Nonprofit as a Storydoer In my last post, we talked about how storydoing organizations seek to make an impact – affect positive change. Basically, they want to do exactly what your nonprofit is doing. And, they’re popular. Nonprofits need to start giving themselves a little more credit and actively promote themselves as storydoers rather than merely storytellers. @wiredimpact
  • 3 Steps to a Powerful, All-Organization Team of Messengers [Part Two] Be sure to check out part one of this two-part series on messaging. Training your staff, leadership, clients partners and supporters is a high-impact, low-investment marketing strategy for every nonprofit, but one that’s frequently overlooked. It’s the ultimate low-hanging fruit for nonprofits like yours. Take these three steps to launch your team…@Network4Good
  • The Ultimate Tool for Managing Your Organization’s Social Strategy: LightBox Collaborative Editorial Calendar 2015 Edition Last week I was in New Orleans for the National Assembly of State Arts Councils meeting.  I facilitated a peer session with Public Information Officers and a Mini-Workshop on managing and measuring a social media presence. We covered strategy, especially identifying audiences through personas and key objectives. @kanter

Fundraising Planning

  • It’s Time To Change The Perception of Fundraisers The Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at Plymouth University in the UK recently published an article titled “What is Critical Fundraising?” which discussed the need for fundraisers to embrace “critical and analytical thinking, consistent and coherent debate and argument, and a scientific approach to evaluating research.” This article got me thinking about the overall public perception of fundraisers. @bloomerangTech
  • From Lukewarm to Lightning Hot: Top Tips for Building Donor Relationships Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that relationships with donors are the key to long-term fundraising success. But if you’re like many, you just aren’t sure how to build those all-important relationships. It’s not rocket science by any stretch. It’s about being considerate and polite. @SandyRees
  • How the Other Half Gives: Philanthropy from High Net Worth Individuals The link between giving and volunteering persists, even among high net worth givers. In the charitable giving of high net worth individuals and households, hopefully the trend can be to shift from conspicuous consumption to conspicuous social responsibility.

Fundraising Tactics

  • Getting charity auction guests to register their credit cards When my client started swiping guests’ credit cards at registration, the valet helped them market the change. Anyone who has followed my trainings on how to properly conduct a benefit auction registration and checkout process knows my analogy of the hotel versus the grocery store. @AuctionExpert
  • 5 #GivingTuesday Tips: How to Empower Your Supporters to Fundraise for You If things like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and Movember have taught us anything, it’s that there is immense power in the creativity of inspired people to do good. As #GivingTuesday approaches and charities are prepping for the biggest fundraising month of the year there are some simple things you can give your supporters to empower them and make it easy to fundraise for you this December. @HubSpot


  • Honoring Donor Intent Occasionally I get the question – from donors and from fundraising professionals about honoring donor intent, what it means and what recourse donors have if their intent isn’t respected. Fundraising is a lot like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. We start by developing a full understanding the organization we’re raising money for. @kirstenbullock
  • Nonprofit Policy Development & Operations Management – Crossing Boundaries? Nose in- fingers out,” is the commonly used guide for nonprofit directors’ relationships to operations. Translated into terms of governance-management relations, it means that boards have an obligation to overview management impacts and outcomes, but they need to avoid micromanaging the operations of the nonprofit. @HuffPostBiz

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