[Headlines] Break it Down

Here’s the latest summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!



  • Where Does Fundraising Begin? (HINT: with the ‘product’) http://ow.ly/cPIAb  The Agitator
  • Are Your Online and Offline Efforts in Sync? (if not they should be) http://ow.ly/cRmFH  FundRaising Success
  • Lack of trust: the key barrier to donating | Julie Verhaar  http://ow.ly/cRmZT  | 101fundraising
  • Don’t forget donor retention: Catch and Release Fishing – http://ow.ly/cQEnr  The Agitator
  • How to Create and Run Your $100,000 Fundraising Campaign: http://ow.ly/cNcLR  Livestream event Thursday (8/16) Get Fully Funded



  • The Value of Diversity for the nonprofit board http://ow.ly/cPIRs – Copley Raff’s Giving Take
  • 31% of young nonprofit workers are actively seeking a job at another nonprofit group http://ow.ly/cP5ow  The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Nonprofit Content Strategies: Mapping and Merging http://ow.ly/cPIEB  Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog


Involving People



  • Writing that motivates donors to action http://ow.ly/cPHIo  Future Fundraising Now
  • The best darn nonprofit annual report I’ve seen this year http://ow.ly/cPHYr  Katya’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog
  • Storytelling tips for nonprofits from the experts at Pixar http://ow.ly/cPIMW  socialbrite
  • Whatever you’re doing for your nonprofit, remember to proofread: Salmon or pork turd? http://ow.ly/cPIZ1  Sherry Truhlar
  • Are you focusing on the right circle? The Circles of Nonprofit Marketing http://ow.ly/1Oq5X2  Community Organizer 2.0


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