[Headlines] Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Here are a few articles and posts to help stay up-to-date on trends and topics facing the nonprofit world. Happy fundraising!



Kivi2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report | Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog

If you only read one nonprofit communications survey this year, this should be it. You’ll learn about what your peers around the country are doing, thinking and planning.



19 Quick Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Subject Lines |  Hubspot

Nonprofit email subject lines have been putting me to sleep lately. January Newsletter. Really? That’s the subject line that’s going to inspire your readers to open your email? Okay. Rant over :-). Looking to improve your email subject line to help drive more opens and conversions? Here are a few quick tips.



FBNew Study: Investing in Facebook is a Waste of Time | Frogloop

For the past few years, nonprofits have spent a lot of resources on building their Facebook page presence. With Facebook’s recent changes though, organic reach has declined drastically. How has this been impacting your results?



DonorLoveDonor Love: 7 Ways to Keep Donors Committed to Your Cause | The Nonprofit Marketing Blog

One of the quickest ways an organization can increase their funds raised is to plug the holes related to donor attrition. Nancy Schwartz does a great job here of outlining a few things you can do to increase your donor retention.


ScienceDailyCorporate philanthropy increases workers’ productivity | ScienceDaily

Working to benefit a good cause increases productivity by up to 30 percent, according to the findings of a new study. When workers are given a social incentive such as a charitable donation linked to their job, performance increases by an average of 13 per cent… via @AFPIHQ


7Steps7 Steps to Fundraising Success in 2015: Strategic Tips for Your Board | Gail Perry

The new year is a great time to take stock of your fundraising success strategy. Here are Gail’s strategic tips for board members and CEOs.




PGSeven Tips to Help You Talk to Donors About Planned Giving | Ignited Fundraising

Put yourself in your donors’ shoes and imagine someone is urging you to make a gift in your will. Is the passion you feel for the organization enough to make you do the work of actually making a bequest?


DMSerious about monthly giving? | A Direct Solution

There is not one standard plan for a recurring giving program. Each plan is tailor made. Your potential depends upon a number of factors. The most important ones: the number of donors you have, the number of email addresses, social media presence, online donation options… First thing you need to do? Evaluate your current processes.

RedFlagsHow Board Members Can Learn to Spot Red Flags | Nonprofit Quarterly

Kate Barr of the Nonprofit Assistance Fund is one of the most astute financial analysts in the nonprofit sector, and she would like to introduce board members to a few red flags that may signal danger…


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