[Headlines] 6 Signs Your New Nonprofit Brand is Going to Kill Your Fundraising

Here is a weekly tips / news roundup. Enjoy!


  • Brandjacked! 6 Signs Your New Nonprofit Brand is Going to Kill Your Fundraising Brandjacking is a radical restructuring of your public face, based on the logic of commercial branding. It can destroy your fundraising program. It’s hard to tell the difference between legitimate marketing help and brandjacking. But these warning signs can help you detect a brandjacking before things go too far. From @jeffbrooks
  • Open Your Mind to All the Help Corporations Can Provide I recently spotted Letter To A CEO: The Surprising View In The Mirror on Forbes.com and it got me thinking about how our sector starts a conversation about sponsorship or a deeper commitment for support. While this article is geared toward CEO’s, if you look at the data from your view AND his or her view…you may find some surprising information. From @LJacobwith
  • 11 Donation Form Optimization Stats You’ll Wish You’d Known Yesterday [INFOGRAPHIC] Donation for optimization is a key part of online fundraising success and a great way to boost donor acquisition. But sadly, so many nonprofits are doing it all wrong. A recent research report covering a variety of online fundraising topics done by Brad Davies and others at Dunham+Company reveals some surprising results that you, a fellow online fundraising enthusiast, should be aware of.  From @Blackbaud
  • 5 Practical Steps to Raising Major Gifts in Time for Year-End The summer has flown by and the kids are back to school. It’s now time to think about your year-end fundraising. Statistics show that most organizations will raise up to 60% or more of their total fundraising in the last few months of the year, so the fall is always a very critical time of year.  From @AmyEisenstein


  • How Prepared Are Directors for the Challenges of the Nonprofit Culture? I estimate that many volunteers enter the boardroom with little understanding of nonprofit culture. Even those who have served previously on business boards may initially spend valuable time in accommodating to the nuances of nonprofit practices and priorities…From @HuffPostBiz
  • Your Favorite Engagement Asks? Last week we talked about fundraising asks or offers to include in your appeals, and we got some great suggestions. Let’s try it again, this time with “engagement” asks. These can be used in their own campaigns to get your community more involved, or in tandem with a fundraising ask. Just like last week, here is my starter list. I’d love for you to share your additions in the comments! From @kivilm
  • Connecting with a Group – Online?!? We have so many options today to connect with groups of people. Sure, there’s social media, but there are other options too. In this video, we’ll introduce three options: teleconferences, webinars and Google+ Hangouts. From @kirstenbullock

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