Fundraising Jump Start: Get Your Stuff Together

If you’ll indulge me for a moment, let’s think about what we do when we get ready to bake something. Let’s say we’re baking my favorite chocolate chip peanut butter nut cookies (are you salivating yet?). It is fairly customary to take a look at the recipe, identify what we have and what we still need. So we look at the ingredient list and realize that we don’t have any eggs, or we’re low on flour. We then go to the store, purchase the needed ingredients and thenĀ  mix everything together and bake them.

Can you imagine if we were only looking at the very next step in the process? We mix together the sugar and eggs, only to realize that we don’t have enough flour. We go to the store to get the flour and then return. Only to see that we’re also missing peanut butter and chocolate chips. Then it’s back to the store again.

Have you ever felt like this with your fundraising efforts. You take one step forward, only to need to take two steps back. You have the people in place to help, but you don’t have any materials to send them out with. You have the mail piece all put together, but realize that you forgot to include postage in your budget.

Here are some basic things to get together as you are looking at getting your stuff together for your successful fundraising program.

  • First, identify how much money is needed. Be as specific as possible. Is it $10,500 or is it $575,000?
  • What will that money be used for? What programs will be developed with those funds?
  • What difference will it make? How will things change – in the community – as a result of the work that you do?

Can you answer those questions?

This is part of a series of posts to help you get a jump start (or restart) on your fundraising efforts. Keep an eye open for more blog posts. In the meantime, if you’re serious about turning things around for your organization, I encourage you to learn more about my new Fundraising Jump Start Home Study System.

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