Fundraising Headlines – November 16, 2009

Thank you in advance for your understanding in my missing last week’s newsletter. It has been an eventful two weeks for me. First the flu and then pneumonia. While I’m feeling much better, it will probably be another one to three weeks before I am fully back to health.

This experience has reinforced for me how important relationships are. If I had not spent time developing friendships, there would not have been friends ready to help me. This is true especially for our organizations. If we (as representatives of our organizations) build relationships and reach out to people when we aren’t in dire need, they will be more likely to be there to help. Is there someone you can reach out to today to begin building a relationship with? Read Spending Time With Your Donors (link below) for more information about this.

As always, please feel free to forward this to anyone you feel may also be helped by this information. Thanks for reading!


Top 10 Year-end Fundraising Strategies to Put You Over Goal on December 31 (GuideStar) The fundraising outlook for year-end is looking more positive. Donors who were reluctant to give earlier this year seem to be feeling more generous right now. This year your year-end campaign needs to be the best ever.


The End Of Privacy (NPR Series) Is privacy still possible? For a lot of people, the answer is no. That cell phone in your pocket? It’s leaving a digital trail. The Facebook quiz you took? It may be scraping your personal information. In this series, Martin Kaste explores the giant pool of personal data we’re creating and privacy in the digital age.

The Right Way to use Social Media for Fundraising (Beth’s Blog) If you want to be successful using social media in your fundraising strategy, this article lists some things to remember to do.


Global Economic Think Tank Launched With $50 Million Pledge From George Soros (CNW Group) More articles lately have been talking about needing fresh approaches. Some articles have gone to the extent to say that nonprofits, as they are currently structured, are ineffective in producing real transformation in our society. Here’s an article about the creation of a new economics policy think tank to help address our current economic situation.

Fundraising Environment for America’s Largest Charities Still Challenging, Survey Finds (The Chronicle of Philanthropy) The nation’s most successful fundraising organizations anticipate that giving will decline this year by a median of 9 percent, and the outlook for 2010 remains gloomy. The projected drop is the steepest since the publication launched its survey seventeen years ago.

Mission, Message, and Damage Control (The Nonprofit Quarterly) This article walks you through the principles and real challenges of “messaging” your story even when problems exist or are perceived to exist.

Drop in Foundation Giving May Be Steeper Than Anticipated, Report Finds (Foundation Center) A new research advisory suggests that foundation giving will decline by more than 10 percent in 2009, a bit closer to the high end of the range estimated by the center earlier this year, and that it will fall further in 2010.

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