Fundraising Headlines: May 8, 2012

We were headed out on a trip and both heard the same information – we would have multiple legs on our flight. My first thought was, we should try to pack light and not check any bags. Bags get lost and the chances of it getting lost increase each time you change airplanes. Almost the first words out of my new husband’s mouth were: “we should definitely check our bags then.” I hope I was more gracious than my memory tells me I was. My reply was something to the effect of “why in the world would we want to do that?”

It turns out that our flying experiences have been very different.  Continue reading


Here’s a summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!



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  • How do you keep good people at a nonprofit organization? Mike Johnston | 101fundraising
  • Sea Change Requires New Skills | JGA Counsel
  • Finger-pointing doesn’t raise a dime (everyone has a role in fundraising) Generous Matters
  • How to stop nonprofit donors asking about your administration costs | Guardian Professional

Involving People

  • Inspiring others and building a culture of philanthropy at your nonprofit Pamela Grow
  • Using Pinterest to Raise Money: One Charity’s Experiment – The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Nonprofit messaging: March of Dimes Claims Mother’s and Father’s Day Joanne Fritz,
  • Why donors don’t want to hear from you queer ideas



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