Fundraising Headlines: June 5, 2012

There is an ancient story about a man who build is house on a base of sand. The waters came in and the house was washed away. On the other hand, there was another man who built his house on a base made of rock. Again the waves came in, but this house stood firm. This story was not written with fundraising in mind, but I do think it has implications for us. The question that we can ask ourselves is: what kind of base is your fundraising program built on? Do you have a group of dedicated supporters who will be there for you? Traditionally, organizations were able to gain contributors fairly easily… Click here to read more.


Here’s a summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!


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  • Not Winning Grants? What to Do Instead of Giving Up
  • How to keep raising money when every channel is clogged up with election stuff FundRaising Success
  • Some Basic Tips for Beginning Prospect Researchers BLACKBAUD’S Prospect Research Blog for NonProfit FundRaising
  • Six Ways To Integrate Fundraising Into Your Facebook Page Inspiring Generosity




Involving People



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  • New report: 2012 State of Diversity in Philanthropy Asian American Giving
  • The Ethical Responsibilities of Donors eJewish Philanthropy
  • A Few Good Pinterest Tools, Tips, and Resources for nonprofits Beth’s Blog
  • Nonprofit Advocacy Resources: Change the World with Confidence Minnesota Council on Foundations Blog

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