Fundraising Headlines: July 3, 2012

Here’s the latest summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!





  • Questions Every ‪Nonprofit Board Member Should be Asking  Donor Dreams Blog
  • Challenged Or Driven (indicators of future success or failure for ‪nonprofits)  TheNonProfitTimes
  • How to Transform Your ‪Nonprofit ‪Board in One Bold Step (HINT: id your ‘dream team’)  Fired Up Fundraising
  • Scaling a ‪Nonprofit’s Programs Without Investing in its Capacity is a Recipe for Failure  Geri Stengel


Involving People

  • 22 High-Impact, Low Cost Social Media Opportunities for ‪Nonprofits  Wild Apricot Blog
  • Tips to Humanize Your Nonprofit Social Media (it’s about relationships)  care2
  • Five Ways To Seize Momentum on Facebook  John Haydon
  • The Future of ‪Nonprofit ‘face-to-face’ ‪Fundraising  101fundraising
  • The RIGHT Way to Tell Your ‪Nonprofit Story via Video  Getting Attention Blog
  • 4 Strategies for Online ‪Fundraising Campaigns (it’s not about the money)  socialbrite



  • Giving USA 2012 Indicates Long, Slow, Uphill Slog…  ‪ Nonprofit Quarterly
  • 45% of Wealthy Baby Boomers Don’t Believe it’s Important to Leave Inheritance for Children  Foundation Center
  • Attention Data Nerds: The Mobile Mindset Study and More |  Beth’s Blog
  • Senators Question IRS Authority to Request Confidential Donor Information | Planned Giving Design Center
  • Thinking about Your Nonprofit Annual Report? Find Help Here  Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog
  • YouTube Gives Video Makers New Ways to Support ‪nonprofit Causes  The Chronicle of ‪Philanthropy


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