Fundraising Headlines – January 26, 2010

This week, I’m testing out a different format for this week’s listing of headlines. Rather than include an excerpt from each of the articles, I’m just including a Twitter-type lead for most of the articles. Please let me know what you think!

As always, please feel free to forward this. Thanks again for reading!


  • Is the Fund-Raising Pyramid a Myth?
    Donations to Haiti Will Not Harm Giving to Other Causes, Experts Say
  • Giving for impact rather than giving just to feel good:
  • An Australian perspective on how the recession has actually strengthened leadership/focused nonprofits’ messages:
  • 7 reasons to get an expert analysis of your appeal package
  • The power of giving circles: donors “give more money, and give more strategically, when working collectively”:


12 steps to creating a compelling Facebook Page (Socialbrite) You know about Facebook and how everyone and their mom uses Facebook. More than 350 million users so far and growing. While brands like Coke and Starbucks recognize the huge marketing potential on Facebook, what does it mean for your blog?


What Are the Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards? (Bridgestar) Board members might not be at the nonprofit organization they serve on a daily basis, but their responsibilities influence many aspects of a well-managed nonprofit. This article from BoardSource explains 10 basic responsibilities for which board members should be held accountable.

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