Fundraising Headlines – January 20, 2009

Funds receiving. Fundraising. Funds Development. Philanthropy. Advancement. What do your fundraising efforts strive for? Do you treat donors as ATM’s? Or as partners in your important mission? Are you working hard? Would you like to be working smarter? Hopefully, the articles below will help you take a few steps towards developing a sustainable fundraising program. If you’d like to talk through your opportunities (aka challenges), feel free to contact me at 502.708.1020.

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Philanthropy and Gender: Not Your Mother’s Bake Sale (AFP) When it comes to giving money away, numerous studies show there are significant differences between men and women in their philanthropic behavior. Read about women’s philanthropy past and present, and how better to work with female philanthropists.

Recession or not, participants at Library Journal’s Directors’ Summit agreed, now is always the time to fundraise (Library Journal) While any number of tactics can work (to help balance the budget)—from putting a price on the cost of summer reading ($10/child according to CPL) to making a challenge out of big gifts to inspire other giving (as San Francisco’s Bero recommended)—the goal of fundraising should be strategic, with an eye to sustainability.

Six Types of Wealthy Donors (AFP Resource Center) A new study identifies six types of high net worth donors and explains what motivates them to give.”

What Should Nonprofit Leaders Expect from the Development Officer? (Get Fully Funded Blog) As a consultant to nonprofits, this writer’s blood just boils when she is asked by executive directors or board members, “So, we are thinking about hiring a development officer, how long it will take before this person is raising more money than the salary we pay them?” This question indicates that these leaders really do not understand development or the role of a development officer in their organization.


How to make giving on your site more social (SocialBrite) As the Web becomes more social in nature, people grow to expect more social behavior on your website. Have you thought about how that affects you? Or how it affects the way people give online through your site? Here are a few things to get you started. Hopefully they’ll give you ideas about how you can make the online giving experience more social for your donors! Once you’ve put some thought into it, I’d love to hear what you’ve decided to do (or please share a link in the comments if you are already doing some of these things).


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