Ways to Frustrate Others through Communication

Upset and frustratedAs much as a type can be motivated, each type can also feel frustrated and demotivated.

Ways to Demotivate Type D People

  • Type D people are often demotivated by the “You Can’t” or “You Shouldn’t” do statements. This is especially true of people who make their minds up about carrying a task. Chances are they’re going to do the task.
  • A circumstance that leaves D types unable to control their activity such as micro-management, demanding spouse, etc.
  • Slow, repetitive work, usually working with type S and C co-workers.
  • Working for a boss that’s too cautious about something and won’t make decisions quickly.

Ways to Demotivate Type I People

  • Type I people are an enthusiastic bunch, and being told to calm down and stop seeking fire where there is none. These folks want to appear they as competent and doers. They may not show it, but underneath, they’re tormented for not being an achiever.
  • When they face long-term projects that require them to work alone, they often have a significant amount of inner turmoil and struggle socially. Type I often procrastinate, which is why they need to be monitored for their progress.
  • Settings that don’t allow them to bounce ideas of others.
  • Environments where the level of fun is next to nothing.
  • Type I people want fun and excitement.

Ways to Demotivate Type S People

  • Type S people don’t like degrading remarks, even if those remarks are in jest. Degrading remarks will hurt deep within type S folks. They spend more time supporting others with every good fiber within their bones. They’d like to be appreciated for the care they give to others and become demotivated when they get negative feedback.
  • In instances where they environment is fast-paced, it can be a challenge for them to handle.
  • They don’t thrive in settings where conflicts occur regularly.
  • Type S people like to think of the important and unimportant things before making any decisions.

Demotivating Features Of Type C People

  • When it comes to Type C people, they weigh everything out – the good and the bad. And, being told they’re not correct is a slap in their face. They are perfectionists and cannot handle it when they’re criticized for the work they’ve done.
  • They hate when they’re not seen as the person to come to for advice.
  • They’re not the type to get involved with jokes or other humorous scenarios; they’re the type that gives every bit of attention to their tasks.
  • They don’t like working in fast-paced settings because it means they can’t spend the time they want on the job they’re assigned to.

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