From Bored to Engaged: How to Keep Your List Interested

Do you ever get bored?

Yes, I’ll admit that’s a little bit of a trick question. We all get bored at some time, but I suppose things that one person would find exhilarating others could find mind-numbingly dull.

That aside, let’s talk about some ways to keep your constituents (your list) engaged with you and help discourage them from clicking the unsubscribe button.

First, find out what people are interested in. That could take the form of a survey or of phone conversations (yes, I know we’re in the texting age, but there’s no substitute for a good in-person or phone conversation).

Next, make sure that you’re communicating that relevant information on a regular basis (yes, once or preferably twice each month). But that’s too often (I hear you saying). If you’re providing relevant, interesting information, then people will look forward to receiving it. (I’ve lost track of the numbers of people who have thanked me for sending out my headlines / blog round up on a weekly basis. It’s useful and relevant information). This doesn’t need to be a full e-newsletter either, a two-three paragraph from the Executive Director or Board Chair, written in a relevant, interesting way can be enough.

You’ll also want to use a variety of mediums for getting the word out. That could include blog posts, e-newsletters, e-updates, surveys, post cards, mailed letters, webinars, social media, in-person events, etc. Your content can be repurposed to fit all of these different formats. Reduce, reuse, recycle works for content too.

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