Everyone’s a Fundraiser, from IFC 2011

One of the most inspiring parts of the sessions at IFC 2011 was hearing how organizations across the world are accomplishing amazing things.

In this particular session, with Andrew Cook and Per Stenbeck,  many were sharing the common dilemma of encouraging board members to stay active (especially in fundraising). A fairly new theater group in Austria wasn’t experiencing that at all. This new board decided, during their first board meeting, that they needed to each contribute – and find others to do the same. They are moving ahead at full speed (and came to their own conclusion of the need to do so).

A member of the Japan Fundraising Association indicated a focus during recruitment on influence, rather than the western focus on governance and/or fundraising abilities/skills.

Per Stenbeck, recently retired from WaterAid Sweden, shared about starting up his organization just a few years ago. One receiving the go-ahead from the parent group, Mr. Stenbeck moved forward on recruiting the chair. Together, they then recruited an ideal board to move forward with the plan. Primarily through corporate gifts, they raised 3million SKr in year one, 9 million in year two and 90 million in year 3. Mr. Stenbeck’s advice for those looking to repeat that success? “Think Big!!”


Everyone’s a Fundraiser, from IFC 2011 — 4 Comments

  1. From what I picked up during the session, a large part of their success was related to selecting the right leadership (and having a cause with broad appeal). Per spent some time paying attention to leaders in Sweden who expressed interest in this cause. Then he reached out and together they developed their ideal board. Most of the people they approached said yes. And, it probably helped as well that the Crown Princess Couple took it up as their cause. Thanks for your question!

  2. This is great!! And a good example of what can happen when Boards take personal responsibility for fundraising! Thanks for sharing Kirsten.